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Law & Lawyers (Attorneys, Judges, Court Reports & Reenactments of Trial Cases)

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Program Description
QB VII/ABC/1974 Doctor Defends Himself From Concentration Camp Atrocities
Reasonable Doubts/NBC/1991-93 Hearing-Impaired Assistant District Attorney
Related/WB/2005 Pregnant Workaholic Lawyer (one of four Sorelli Sisters)
The Irish R.M./SYN/1984 Resident Magistrate (Legal Arbiter)
Report to Murphy/CBS/1982 Parole Officer
Roseanne/ABC/1988-97 Probate Lawyer
Rosetti & Ryan/NBC/1977 Lawyers
The Round Table/NBC/1992 Justice Dept. Attorney & US Attorney's Office Prosecutor
Rumpole Of The Bailey/THA/1977-92 Criminal Defense Barrister
Rumpole of the Bailey Returns/THA/1977-92 Criminal Defense Barrister
Run For Your Life/NBC/1965-68 Terminally Ill Lawyer
Ryan International/BBC/1970 Paris-Based Lawyer
Salty/SYN/1974-75 Retired Lawyer
Sam Benedict/NBC/1962-63 Trial Lawyer
Sara/NBC/1985 Storefront Lawyer
Second Chances/CBS/1993-94 Law Student/Public Defender
Sex In The City/HBO/1998-2004 Corporate Lawyer
Shannon's Deal/NBC/1990-91 Defense Lawyer With Gambling Habit
Sirota's Court/NBC/1976-77 Night Court Judge
Sparks/UPN/1996-97 Family Owned Law Firm
Steve Randall/CBS/DUM/1952-53 Disbarred Lawyer Turned Private Eye
Still The Beaver/DIS/TBS/1984-90 Lawyer
The Storefront Lawyers (Men At Law)/CBS/1970-71 Legal Aid Clinic Lawyers
Sugarfoot/ABC/1957-61 Frontier Law School Correspondence Student
The Sullavan Brothers/ATV/1964-65 British Team Of Three Solicitors & A Barrister
Sunday Dinner/CBS/1991 Environmental Lawyer
Superior Court/SYN/1986-90 Cases From Headlines
Sutherland's Law/BBC/1973-76 British Prosecutor-Fiscal
Sweet Justice/NBC/1994-95 Female Attorney
Sydney/CBS/1990 Fenton, Benton & Sloane Law Firm Employs Private Eye
T. And T./SYN/FAM/1988-90 Lawyer Teams With Street Tough Private Eye
Temple Houston/NBC/1963-64 Frontier Circuit Rider Lawyer
They Stand Accused/CBS/DUM/1949-54 Court Case Reenactments
Three Moons Over Milford/ABF/2006 Small town lawyer continues to practice law after an asteroid breaks earth's moon into three parts and its degrading orbit threatens to kill mankind.
To Have & To Hold/CBS/1998 Female Public Defender Married To Cop
Together We Stand (Nothing Is Easy)/CBS/1986-87 Aspiring Court Reporter
Tom/CBS/1994 Law School Student
The Tony Randall Show/ABC/CBS/1976-78 Common Pleas Judge & Staff
Traffic Court/ABC/1958-59 Court Case Reenactments
Trial By Jury/SYN/1989-90 Court Case Reenactments
The Trials Of O'Brien/CBS/1965-66 Defense Lawyer
The Trials of Rosie O'Neill/CBS/1990-92 Public Defender
Trialwatch/NBC/1991 Excerpts & Interviews of Actual Trials
Verdict/CBS/1991 Real Life Court Cases
The Verdict Is Yours/CBS/1958-62 Case Reenactments
The Virginian/NBC/1962-71 Retired Frontier Judge
Walker, Texas Ranger/CBS/1993-2001 Assistant District Attorney
Wanted/CBS/1955-56 Documentary Series Hunted Down Fugitives
We Got It Made/NBC/1983-84/SYN/1987-88 Private Practice Lawyer
We'll Get By/CBS/1975 Lawyer
Wild Palms/ABC/1993 TV Network Lawyer
Will & Grace/NBC/1998-2006 Gay Corporate Lawyer and his best friend, Grace Adler, an interior designer.
Willy/CBS/1954-55 Lawyer
The Witness/CBS/1960-61 Case Reenactments
The Wright Verdicts/CBS/1995 British Barrister Working As Lawyer In New York City
The Young Lawyers/ABC/1970-71 Student Lawyers
Your Witness/ABC/1949-50 Case Reenactments

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