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Medicine See also  "Chemicals", "Death", "Dentistry", "Orderlies", and "Paramedics"

(Includes Physicians, Nurses, and General Hospital Staff)
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Program Description
E.A.R.T.H. Force/CBS/1990 Trauma Care Physician
Earth 2/NBC/1994-95 Space Expedition Physician
Eight Is Enough/ABC/1977-81 Aspiring Medical School Student
8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter/ABC/2002-2005 Hospital Nurse
Emergency/NBC/1972-77 Rampart Hospital Emergency Room Physicians/Paramedics
Emergency-Ward 10/ATV/1957-67 Oxbridge General Hospital Doctors & Nurses
Empty Nest/NBC/1988-95 Pediatrician
E/R/CBS/1984-85 Emergency Room Physicians
ER/NBC/1994+ Cook County Hospital Emergency Care Physicians & Staff
Everwood/WB/2002-2006 Widowed New York Neurosurgeon Opens Rural Free Clinic
Family Album/CBS/1993 Physician Returns Home To Be Close To Aging Parents
The Flying Doctor/SYN/1959 Australian Bush Country Physician
Forever Knight/CBS/SYN/1992-96 Medical Examiner Helps Vampire Regain Humanity
The Four Seasons/CBS/1984 Dentist & Professor of Orthopedics
Frasier/NBC/1993-2004 Live-In Home Care Aid/Physical Therapist
Friends/NBC/1994-2004 Ophthalmologist (Monica's Love Interest)
Frontier Doctor/SYN/1956-57 Frontier Physician
The Fugitive/ABC/1963-67 Pediatrician/Obstetrician Falsely Accused of Murder
The Gale Storm Show (Oh! Susanna)/CBS/ABC/1956-60 Ocean Liner Physician
General Hospital/ATV/1972-79 London Hospital Doctors & Nurses
The George Carlin Show/FOX/1994-95 Plastic Surgeon  
Going To Extremes/ABC/1992-93 Croft University Medical School in the Caribbean
Good Advice/CBS/1993-94 Chiropractor
Good and Evil/ABC/1991 Microbiologist & Heart Surgeon
The Greatest Gift/NBC/1954 General Practice Physician
Group One Medical/SYN/1988 Doctor's & Actual Patients
Grey's Anatomy/ABC/2005+ Lives of Five Surgical Interns and Their Supervisors at Seattle Grace Hospital
Gunsmoke/CBS/1955-75 Dodge City Frontier Physician
Harry/ABC/1987 Purchasing Agent at the Ninth Street Community General Hospital
Having Babies/ABC/1978-79 Lake General Hospital Obstetrician
Heartbeat/ABC/1988-89 Women's Medical Arts Clinic Physicians
Heartbeat/ITV/1990 Physician In Small British Town
H.E.L.P./ABC/1990 Paramedics
Hennesey/CBS/1959-62 Navy Physician & Dentist
Highlander: The Series/SYN/1992-98 Hospital Emergency Room Surgeon
Homeroom/ABC/1989 Medical Student
Hothouse/ABC/1988 Garrison Center Psychiatric Clinic
House (House M.D.)/FOX/2004+ Maverick anti-social doctor with an eccentric bedside manner who specializes in Infectious Disease at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
House Calls/CBS/1979-82. Hospital Physician and Administrative Assistant
House Rules/NBC/1998 Medical Student
The Human Factor/CBS/1992. U.C.I. Inner-City Teaching Hospital Physicians
In The House/NBC/1995-97 Sports Rehab Clinic Physical Therapist
Inconceivable/NBC/2005 Staff of the Family Options Fertility Clinic
The Interns/CBS/1970-71 New North Hospital Medical Interns
The Invisible Man/NBC/1975-76 Plastic Surgeon
Island Son/CBS/1989-90 Holistic Medical Center Physician
It Takes Two/ABC/1982-83 Rush-Thornton Medical Center Chief of Surgery
Janet Dean, Registered Nurse/SYN/1954-55 Registered Nurse
Jesse/NBC/1998-2000 Barmaid Studying To Be A Nurse
Jimmy's/YTV/1987-94 Real Stories From St. James' Hospital In Leeds, W. Yorkshire
The John Larroquette Show/NBC/1993-97 Registered Nurse
Julia/NBC/1968-71 Corporation Physician & Nurse
Julie Farr, M.D./ABC/1978 City Memorial Hospital Obstetrician
Kay O'Brien, Surgeon/CBS/1986. Hospital Surgical Resident

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