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Medicine See also - "Chemicals""Death", "Dentistry", "Orderlies", and "Paramedics"

(Includes Physicians, Nurses, and General Hospital Staff)
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Program Description
St. Elsewhere/NBC/1982-88 St. Eligius Teaching Hospital Physicians & Staff
Scrubs/NBC/2001+ Hospital Life Through the Eyes of New Doctors at Sacred Heart Hospital
The Seeking Heart/CBS/1954 General Practice Physician
Sherman Oaks: The Series/SHO/1995-98 Plastic Surgeon
Sisters/NBC/1991-96 Plastic Surgeon
Someone Like Me/NBC/1994 Optician
Something Is Out There/NBC/1988 Alien Prisonship Med Tech Officer
Something So Right/NBC/ABC/1996-98 Plastic Surgeon
Space: 1999/ITC/1975-77 Moon Base Alpha Chief Medical Officer
Star Trek/NBC/1966-69 Starship Physician
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/SYN/1993-99 Space Station Physician
Star Trek: The Next Generation/SYN/1987-94 Female Starship Physician
Star Trek: Voyager/UPN/1995-2001 Holographic Starship Physician & Alien Assistant
STAT/ABC/1991 Hudson Memorial Hospital Physicians & Nurses  
Strong Medicine/LIF/2000-2006 Harvard-educated Female Surgeon at Rittenhouse Hospital
Surgical Spirit/GRA/1990-94 Hospital Doctors & Sharp-Tongued Female Surgeon
Temperatures Rising/ABC/1972-74 Capitol General Hospital Physicians & Staff
Testament Of Youth/BBC/1979 Young Nurse's Experiences in WWI
That 70s Show/FOX/1998-2005 Nurse  
That's Life/CBS/2000-02 Physical Therapy Aide at Montville State University
13 East/NBC/1989-90 Ward 13 East Hospital Nurses
Thorndyke/BBC/1964 British Forensic Physician Criminologist
Three's Company/ABC/1977-84 Wilshire Memorial Hospital Nurse
Tom, Dick & Mary/NBC/1964-65 Hospital Intern & Medical Secretary
Trapper John, M.D./CBS/1979-86 San Francisco Memorial Hospital Surgeons & Staff
Trauma Center/ABC/1983 McKee General  ER Physicians, Paramedics & Nurses
Trauma Center/SYN/1994 Weekly Documentary on Emergency Rooms
The Travels Of Jaimie McPheeters/ABC/1963-64 Frontier Physician
24 Hour Call/ATV/1963 British Private Practice Physicians
Two Faces West/SYN/1960-61 Frontier Physician
Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place/ABC/1998-2001 Medical Student
University Hospital/SYN/1994-96 Lives of Four Student Nurses At University Hospital
Unsub/NBC/1989 Registered Nurse/Psychologist/Forensic Scientist/Hypnotist
A Very Peculiar Practice/BBC/1986-88 Modern University Campus Hospital Doctor
Westside Medical/ABC/1977 Westside Medical Clinic Physicians
What A Country!/SYN/1986-87 Retired Hungarian Physician Attends Citizenship Class
Wonderland/ABC/2000 Forensic Psychiatrist at Rivervue Hospital
X-Files/FOX/1993-2002 FBI Forensic Physician
You Take The Kids/CBS/1990-91 Youngster Aspires To Be Doctor
Young Dr. Kildare/SYN/1972-73 Blair General Hospital Intern
Young Dr. Malone/NBC/1958 Valley Hospital Chief of Staff & His Physician Son

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