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(Includes all Armed Forces  past, present & future)
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Program Description
The Rat Patrol/ABC/1966-68 World War II Army Desert Jeep Patrol
Raven/CBS/1992-93 Ex-Ninja/US Army Special Forces Agent Turned Private Eye
The Rebel/ABC/1959-62 Former Confederate Army Soldier
Redcap/ABP/1965-66 Special Investigation Branch Of The Royal Military Police
The Regiment/BBC/1972-73 British Cotswolds Regiment Based In India (1895-1904)
Roll Out/CBS/1973-74 World War II Army Truck Transport Division
Rome/HBO/2005 Two Roman legionnaires witness the fall of the ancient Republic and the rise of the Roman empire
Roomies/NBC/1987. Former Marine Goes To College
The Rough Riders/ABC/1958-59 Former Union And Confederate Soldiers
Sailor/BBC/1976 Crew Of The Royal Navy Ship HMS Ark Royal
Secret Army/BBC/1977-79 Lifeline Unit Rescue Captured Allied Bombers From Nazis
Secret File, U.S.A./SYN/1954-55 Army Intelligence Agents
Sharpe/CEN/1993-97 Wellington's Army Officer Leads Rifle Unit Against Napoleon
The Silent Service/SYN/1956-58 Submarine Service Anthology
The Six Million Dollar Man/ABC/1974-78 Air Force Astronaut
The Six O'Clock Follies/NBC/1980 Armed Forces TV News Network Personnel
SOAP/ABC/1977-81 Retired Senile Army Major
Soldier Parade/ABC/1954-55 Armed Forces Talent Show
The Soldier/NBC/1955 Army Privates
Space: Above & Beyond/FOX/1995-96 United States Marine Space Warriors
Spearhead/SOU/1978-79 British Soldiers Six Platoon, B Company Wessex Rangers
Spearhead-In Hong Kong/SOU/1981 British Six Platoon, B Company Wessex
Stargate SG-1/SHO/1997+ Air Force Officer Travels Through Portal to Planet Abydos
Stars In Khaki & Blue/NBC/1952 Armed Forces Talent Show
Steve Canyon/NBC/1958-59 Air Force Lt. Colonel
Supercarrier/ABC/1988 Navy Aircraft Carrier Crew
Swamp Fox/ABC/1959-60 Colonial Guerrilla Fighter (a.k.a. "The Swamp Fox")
Talent Patrol/ABC/1953-54 Armed Forces Talent Show
Tales Of The 77th Bengal Lancers/NBC/1956-57 British Cavalry Bengal Lancers
Tell It To The Marines?/A-R/1959-60 Royal Navy Seaman and Marine Corporal
Terry & The Pirates/SYN/1952-53 Ex-Air Force Colonel Turned Cargo Airline Pilot
They Came from Outer Space/SYN/1990-91 Two Air Force Officers Track Alien Teens
The Three Musketeers/BBC/1954 French Army Musketeers
The Three Musketeers/SYN/1956 French Army Musketeers
The Three Musketeers/BBC/1966-67 French Army Musketeers
Thundercloud/YTV/1979 British Sailors On WWII Shore-Based Naval Station
The Time Tunnel/ABC/1966-67 Army Top Secret Time Travel Project Personnel
Tour of Duty/CBS/1987-90 Vietnam War Army Platoon (Bravo Company)
Tunes Of Glory/BBC/1963 Men & Music of Famous Military Regiments
Twelve O'Clock High/ABC/1964-67 World War II Air Force General/Pilots
Uncommon Valor/SYN/1955 Marine Corps Documentary
U.F.O./SYN/1972 UFO Defense Center (SHADO)
U.S. Marine Band/NBC/1949 Marine Corps Band
The Unit/CBS/2006+ Gung-ho Special Forces Unit
The Unknown War/SYN/1979 Soviet Union War Documentary
Victory At Sea/NBC/1952-53 World War II Navy Documentary
Vietnam: A Television History/PBS/1983 Chronicles of America & The Vietnam War
Vietnam: The 10,000 Day War/SYN/1981 Vietnam War Anthology
Vietnam War Story/HBO/1987-88 Experiences Of American Soldiers In Vietnam
Virgin Of The Secret Service/ATV/1968 British Royal Dragoon Captain/Spy
Visit With The Armed Forces/DUM/1950-51 Armed Forces Documentary
The Visitor/FOX/1997 Air Force Pilot Abducted by UFO Returns 50 Years Later
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea/ABC/1964-68 Navy Submarine Crew
The Wackiest Ship In The Army/NBC/1965-66 World War II Soldiers On Schooner
War And Remembrance/ABC/1988-89 Naval Officer & Family After Pearl Harbor
Warrior Queen/THA/1978 British Queen Boudica Battles Roman Soldiers In AD 61
We'll Meet Again/LWT/1982 World War II Air Force Pilots Based In England
The West Point Story/CBS/ABC/1956-58 Army Cadets Anthology
White Rabbit/BBC/1967 WWII British Commander Liaison With French Resistance
Winds Of War/ABC/1983 US Naval Officer In Germany Prior To Pearl Harbor
Wonder Woman/ABC/CBS/1976-79 World War II Army Yeoman
The World At War/SYN/1974. World War II Documentary
War: A Commentary By Gwynne Dyer/PBS/1985 Examines History of Warfare
War And Peace/BBC/1973 Czarist Russia During Napoleonic Wars
War In The Air/BBC/1954-55 World War II British Air Force Pilots
War Of The Worlds/SYN/1988-90 Army Lt. Colonel Battles Invading Aliens
Warship/BBC/1973-77 Crew Of  The British Frigate HMS Hero
The Water Margin/BBC/1976-78 108 Chinese Knights Reborn To Battle Tyranny
We'll Meet Again/LWT/1982 525th Bombers US Eighth Air Force In WWII England
The World At War/THA/1973-74 World War II Documentary
World War I/CBS/1964-65 World War II Documentary
World War II/SYN/1981 World War II Documentary
World War 2: G.I. Diary/SYN/1978-79 World War II Documentary
The Young Rebels/ABC/1970-71 General Lafayette Aids American Revolutionaries

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