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Police & Law Enforcement Agents  See also - "Espionage" and "Security"

(City, State, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Parole Officers,
Frontier Sheriffs and Futuristic Space Authorities) 
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Program  Description
Da Vinci’s Inquest/SYN/1998 Cop turned Coroner
The D.A.'s Man/NBC/1959 Undercover Detective
Dalziel & PascoeBBC/1996-97 Plainclothes Detectives
Dalgliesh/SYN/1983-2004 Scotland Yard Police Inspector
The Dakotas/ABC/1963 Frontier US Marshal
Damon/FOX/1998 Plainclothes Detectives
Dan August/ABC/1970-71 Plainclothes Detective
Dan Raven/NBC/1960-61 Plainclothes Detective
Danger Theatre (Tropical Punch)/FOX/1993 Spoof of Hawaii Five-O Police Detectives
Dangerfield/BBC/1995 General Practitioner Works As Police Forensic Surgeon
Dark Skies/NBC/1996-97 Secret Government Agency (Majestic-12)
David Cassidy-Man Undercover/NBC/1978-79 Undercover Detective
DEA: Special Task Force/FOX/1990-91 Federal Drug Enforcement Agents
Dead At 21/MTV/1994 Ruthless Government Agent
Dear Detective/CBS/1979 Plainclothes Detective
Decoy/SYN/1957-58 Undercover Detective
Delvecchio/CBS/1976-77 Plainclothes Detectives
Dempsey & Makepeace/LWT/1985-86 SI-10 Scotland Yard Undercover Agents
Department S/ATV/1970-71 European INTERPOL Agents
The Deputy/NBC/1959-61 Frontier Marshal and Deputy
The Detectives/ABC/1959-62 Plainclothes Detectives
The Detectives/BBC/1993-97 Bumbling Detective Constables
Diagnosis: Murder/CBS/1993-2001 Plainclothes Cop & Doctor Father Solve Crimes
Diagnosis: Unknown/CBS/1960 Police Pathologist
Dial 999/SYN/1958-59 Canadian Mountie Assigned To Scotland Yard
Dick Tracy/ABC/1950-51 Plainclothes Detectives
DiResta/UPN/1998-99 Subway Transit Cop
The District/CBS/2000-2004 Newly Appointed District of Columbia Police Chief
The Division/LIF/2001-2004 Central Station Police Division, (All-Female Detectives)
Dixon Of Dock Green/BBC/1955-76 British Uniformed Policeman
Dog & Cat/ABC/1977 Male And Female Plainclothes Detectives
Downtown/CBS/1986-87 Former Policeman Supervises Parolees
Dragnet/NBC/1951-59/1967-70. Plainclothes Detectives
Due South/CBS/SYN/1994-98 Canadian Mountie & US Plainclothes Detective
The Dukes Of Hazzard/CBS/1979-85 Rural Town Sheriff & Deputy
Echo Four-Two/A-R/1961 British Detective Inspector
Edge of Darkness/BBC/1985 Yorkshire Policeman Investigates Daughter's Murder
87th Precinct/NBC/1961-62 Plainclothes Detectives
Eischeid/NBC/1979-83 Chief Of Detectives
Ellery Queen/NBC/1975-76 3rd Division Center District Plainclothes Police Inspector
Empty Nest/NBC/1987-95 Uniformed Female Police Officer (Later Sergeant)
The Enigma Files/BBC/1980 Scotland Yard Chief Insp. At Prisoner's Property Office
Enos/CBS/1980-81 Uniformed Police Officer
E.S.P.U./ANI/1997 Endangered Species Protection Unit
The Everglades/SYN/1961-62 Rural County Uniformed Officer
Everybody Loves Raymond/CBS/1996-2005  Droll Uniformed Cop Brother of Sportswriter's
The Evidence/ABC/2006 Traumatized detective newly back on the force after his wife's unsolved murder
The Expert/BBC/1970-75 British Police Forensic Scientist
EZ Streets/CBS/1996-97 Detective Goes Undercover As Crooked Cop
Fabian Of Scotland Yard/BBC/1954-56 Scotland Yard Inspector
Falcone/CBS/2000 Undercover FBI Agent Inside the Mob
Family Matters/ABC/1989-96/CBS/1997-98 Uniformed Police Officer (later Sergeant)
Fastlane/FOX/2002-03 Two Mismatched Undercover Cops Take Down the Bad Guys
Favorite Son/NBC/1988 FBI Agent
The F.B.I./ABC/1965-74 FBI Agents
The F.B.I. Files/DSC/1998 Solved FBI Mysteries
F.B.I.: The Untold Stories/ABC/1991-92 FBI Reenactments
The Fellows (Late Of Room 17)/GRA/1967 Trackers of Highly Intelligent Criminals
Felony Squad/ABC/1966-69 Plainclothes Detectives
Fish/ABC/1977-78 Retired Police Detective
Fish Police/CBS/1991-92 Cartoon Fish Police Inspector in Fish City
Flamingo Road/NBC/1981-82 Rural Town Sheriff
The Flash/CBS/1990-91 Central City Police Chemist a.k.a. "The Flash"
Forever Knight/CBS/SYN/1992-96 800-Year-Old Vampire Plainclothes Detective
Foul Play/ABC/1981 Plainclothes Detective
Frasier/NBC/1993-2004 Retired Disabled (shot in hip) Police Officer
Fraud Squad/ATV/1969-70 British Detective Inspector
Freebie & The Bean/CBS/1980-81 Plainclothes Detectives
The Fugitive/ABC/1963-67 Indiana Plainclothes Detective Pursues Murderer
Future Cop/ABC/1977 Uniformed Robot Police Officer
Gangbusters/NBC/SYN/1952-53 Police/FBI Anthology
Gangsters/BBC/1976 & 1978 British Undercover Narcotics Agents
The Gentle Touch/LWT/1980-84 British Policewoman
Get Christie Love/ABC/1974-75 Undercover Detective
The Ghost Squad/ATV/SYN/1961-63 Scotland Yard Undercover Detectives
Gideon, C.I.D.(Gideon's Way)/ATV/1964-65. Scotland Yard Inspector
Gimme A Break/NBC/1981-87 Police Chief
Girl from U.N.C.L.E./NBC/1966-67 United Network Command for Law & Enforcement
Glory Days/FOX/1990 Uniformed Rookie Police Officer
Glory Days/WB/2002 Rural Sheriff at Glory Lake
The Gold Robbers/LWT/1969 British CID Detective Chief Superintendent
Grace Under Fire/ABC/1993-98 Uniformed Police Officer
The Growing Pains Of PC Penrose/BBC/1975 Probationary Police Constable
G.S.5/ATV/1964 Scotland Yard "Ghost Squad" Undercover Agents
The Guardians/LWT/1971 Sinister Futuristic Police Called "The Guardians"
Guns Of Paradise/CBS/1991 Frontier Town Marshal
Gunsmoke/CBS/1955-75 Frontier US Marshal

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