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Police & Law Enforcement Agents  See also - "Espionage" and "Security"

(City, State, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Parole Officers,
Frontier Sheriffs and Futuristic Space Authorities) 
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Program Description
Hack/CBS/2002-2003 Disgraced Cop Turns Taxi Driver & Urban Vigilante
Half Nelson/NBC/1985 Private Security Firm Agents
Hamish Macbeth/BBC/1995-96 Village Police Constable
Hardball/NBC/1989-90 Plainclothes Detectives
Hard Cases/CEN/1988-89 Probation Officers
Harry 0/ABC/1974-76 Police Detective On Disability Moonlights As Private Eye
Haunted/UPN/2002 Ex-cop Turned Private Investigator Can Talk with the Dead
Hawaii Five-O/CBS/1968-80 State Plainclothes Detectives
Hawaiian Heat/ABC/1984 Undercover Detectives
Harbor Command/SYN/1957-58 US Harbor Police
Harbourmaster/CBS/1957-58 Harbor Police
The Hat Squad/CBS/1992-93 Special Plainclothes Detective Unit
Hawk/ABC/1966 Plainclothes Detectives
Heart Of The City/ABC/1986-87 D.H.D. Plainclothes Detectives
Heartbeat/ITV/1990 London Policeman Moves To Yorkshire Town
Hec Ramsey/NBC/1972-74 Frontier Deputy Sheriff
H.E.L.P./ABC/1990 Uniformed Police Officers
The Hero/NBC/1966-67 Actor Playing TV Marshal
High Incident/ABC/1996-97 Uniformed Officers
Highway Patrol/SYN/1955-59 State Police Officers
Highway To Heaven/NBC/1984-89 Retired Policeman Assists Angel
The Highwayman/NBC/1988 Semi-Truck Driving Federal Marshal
Hill Street Blues/NBC/1981-87 Uniformed And Plainclothes Officers
Hollywood Beat/ABC/1985 Undercover Detectives
Holmes & Yoyo/ABC/1976 Plainclothes Detective And Robot Partner
Homicide/SYN/1964-76 Victoria Homicide Squad Detectives
Homicide: Life On The Streets/NBC/1993-99 Plainclothes Detectives
The Hong Kong Beat/BBC/1978 Hong Kong British Colonial Police Force
Hooperman/ABC/1987-89 Plainclothes Detective
Hotel/ABC/1983-88 Hotel Chief Of Security
Hotel Malibu/CBS/1994 Parole Officer
Hudson Street/ABC/1995-96 Plainclothes Detective
Hunter/NBC/1984-91 Plainclothes Detectives
Hunter's Walk/ATV/1973-76 British Police Officers & Detectives
I Led Three Lives/SYN/1953-56 Federal Undercover Agents
I'm The Law/SYN/1953 Plainclothes Detective
In The Heat Of The Night/NBC/CBS/1988-95 Rural Police Chief And Officers
The Inspector/SYN/1966 Scotland Yard Inspector
The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries/BBC/1990-94 Aristocratic Scotland Yard Inspector
Inspector Gadget/CBS/1983-85 Bionic Inspector Working for INTERPOL
Inspector Fabian Of The Scotland Yard/SYN/1955 Scotland Yard Inspector
Inspector Mark Saber-Homicide Squad/SYN/1952-54 Scotland Yard Inspector
Inspector Morse/CEN/1987-2000 Oxford Chief Inspector
Interpol Calling/ATV/1959-60 European Interpol Agents
Invasion/ABC/2005-2006 Local Sheriff Involved in Alien Invasion
Ironside/NBC/1967-75 Disabled Chief Of Detectives
It's Dark Outside/GRA/1964-65 British Police Chief Inspector
Jack The Ripper/SYN/1973 Scotland Yard Inspectors Track Serial Killer  
Janek/CBS/1985-94 Plainclothes Police Lieutenant
Jason Of Star Command/CBS/1978-81 Intergalactic Police Officers
Jessie/ABC/1984 Behavioral Science Department Police Psychiatrist
The Jewel In The Crown/GRA/1984 Brutal British Superintendent of Police
Jigsaw/ABC/1972-73 Missing Persons Bureau Investigator
Jigsaw John/NBC/1976 Plainclothes Detective
Jimmy Hughes, Rookie Cop/DUM/1953 Uniformed Police Officer
The Job/ABC/2001-02 21st Precinct Plainclothes Detectives
Joe Bash/ABC/1986 33rd Precinct Street Cop Near Retirement
Joe Forrester/NBC/1975-76 Uniformed Police Officer
The John Larroquette Show/NBC/1993-97 Bus Terminal Uniformed Officers
Johnny Bago/CBS/1993 Parole Officer
Johnny Ringo/CBS/1959-60 Ex-Gunfighter Turned Frontier Town Sheriff
Juliet Bravo/BBC/1980-85 British Female Police Chief At Hartley Police Station
The Kids From C.A.P.E.R./NBC/1976-77 Undercover Kid Detectives
Killer Instinct/FOX/2005 Deviant Crime Unit Tracks Twisted Criminals
Kindred: The Embraced/FOX/1996 Cop Chases Vampire Businessmen
Kodiak/ABC/1974 Rural State Uniformed Officer
Kojak/CBS/1973-78 13th Precinct Chief Of Plainclothes Detectives
Kojak (ABC Mystery Movie)/ABC/1989-90 13th Precinct Chief Of Plainclothes Detectives
Knight Rider/NBC/1982-86 Undercover Policeman Turned Vigilante
Knightwatch/ABC/1988-89 "The Knights Of The City" Volunteer Street Patrol
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues/SYN/1993-96 101st Precinct Plainclothes Detective
L.A. Detectives/A&E/1998 Reality Series Follows L.A. County Sheriff's Department
Lady Blue/ABC/1985-86 Undercover Detective
Lanigan's Rabbi/NBC/1977 Police Chief
Laredo/NBC/1965-67 Frontier Texas Rangers
Lash Of The West/ABC/1953 Frontier US Marshal
The Last Precinct/NBC/1986 Uniformed And Plainclothes Officers
Law & Order/NBC/1990+ Plainclothes Detectives
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/NBC/1999+ Sex Crime Unit Police Detectives
Law & Order: Criminal Intent/NBC/2001+ Elite Group of Plainsclothes Detectives
The Law Enforcers/NBC/1969-70 Deputy Police Chief
Law Of The Plainsman/NBC/ABC/1959-62 Frontier Deputy US Marshal
The Lawless Years/NBC/1959-61 Plainclothes Detectives
The Lawman/ABC/1958-62 Frontier Marshal (a.k.a. "The Fastest Gun From Texas")
Leg Work/CBS/1987 Office Of Public Relations Police Lieutenant
Legend of the Rangers/SCI/2002 Elite Police Force of Both Humans and Aliens 
The Life & Legend Of Wyatt Earp/ABC/1955-61 Frontier Town Marshal
Life With Snarky Parker/CBS/1950 Frontier Puppet Sheriff
Likely Suspects/FOX/1992-93 Homicide Detective & Unseen Rookie Partner
The Line-Up/CBS/1954-60 Plainclothes Detectives
Lobo/NBC/1979-81 Rural County Sheriff & Deputies
Logan's Run/CBS/1977-78 Futuristic Police Officer
Louie (The Louie Show)/CBS/1996 Police Detective Friend of Psychotherapist

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