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Police & Law Enforcement Agents  See also - "Espionage" and "Security"

(City, State, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Parole Officers,
Frontier Sheriffs and Futuristic Space Authorities) 
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Program Description
M Squad/NBC/1957-60 Plainclothes Detectives
Madigan/NBC/1972-73 Plainclothes Detective  
Maigret/BBC/1960-63/GRA/1992-93 Chief Inspector of the French Judiciary Police
Malcolm & Eddie/UPN/1996-98 Police Academy Cadet
The Man Behind the Badge/CBS/SYN/1953-55 Reenacted Police Stories
Mancuso, F.B.I./NBC/1989-90 Veteran FBI Agent
Man From Interpol/NBC/1960 European INTERPOL Agent
Man from U.N.C.L.E./NBC/1964-68 United Network Command for Law & Enforcement
Manhunt/SYN/1959-61 Plainclothes Detective
Mann & Machine/NBC/1992 Plainclothes Detective & Female Android Partner
Mariah/ABC/1987 Prison Guards
Mark Saber Mystery Theatre/ABC/1951-54 Plainclothes Detective
The Marshal/ABC/1995 Modern-Day Deputy US Marshal
The Marshal Of Gunsight Pass/ABC/1950 Frontier Town Marshal
Martial Law/CBS/1998-2000 Asian Plainclothes Detective & Coworkers
Max Monroe: Loose Cannon/CBS/1990 Psychotic Plainclothes Detective
McClain's Law/NBC/1981-82 Retired Detective Returns to Police Force
McCloud/NBC/1970-77 Rural Marshal On Loan as Big City Plainclothes Detective
McMillan/NBC/1976-77 Police Commissioner
McMillan & Wife/NBC/1971-76 Police Commissioner
Men/ABC/1989 Plainclothes Detective
The Men From Room 13/BBC/1959-61 Scotland Yard's Undercover "Ghost Squad"
Midnight Caller/NBC/1988-91 Former Cop Turned Radio Talk Show Host
Millennium/FOX/1996-99 Ex- FBI Serial-Killer Profiler Battles the Occult
Missing Persons/ABC/1993-94 Department of Missing Persons
Mr. District Attorney/CBS/1951-52 District Attorney's Investigator
Mr. Rose/GRA/1967-68 Retired British Police Chief Inspector
The Mod Squad/ABC/1968-73 Undercover Hippie Detectives
Moloney/CBS/1996-97 Police Psychiatrist
Monk/USA/2002+ Cop with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Turned Private Detective Consultant
Most Wanted/ABC/1976-77 Undercover Detectives
Mounties/SYN/1998 Real Stories of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Muddling Through/CBS/1994. Rural Michigan State Trooper
Murder Bag/A-R/1957-59 British Chief Detective Superintendent
Murder Most English/BBC/1977 British Police Detective Inspector
My Favorite Martian/CBS/1963-66 12th Precinct Plainclothes Detective
Mysteries Of Chinatown/ABC/1949-50 Homicide Bureau Plainclothes Detective
Naked City/ABC/1958-63 65th Precinct Plainclothes Detectives
Nakia/ABC/1974 Rural Deputy Sheriff
The Name Of The Game/NBC/1968-71 FBI Agent Turned Crime Magazine Editor
Nash Bridges/CBS/1997-2001 (Special Investigators Unit) Plainclothes Detectives
Nashville 99/CBS/1977 Plainclothes Detectives
Nasty Boys/NBC/1990 North Las Vegas Narcotics Bureau Undercover Agents
Ned Blessing: The Story Of My Life & Times/CBS/1993 Gunfighter Turned Sheriff
The Net/USA/1998-99 Center for Intrusion Control (FBI Computer Terrorist Division)
The New Adam 12/SYN/1990-91 Uniformed Police Patrol Car Officers
The New Dragnet/SYN/1990-91 Plainclothes Detectives
The New Breed/ABC/1961-62 Plainclothes Detectives
The New Dragnet/SYN/1990-91 Plainclothes Detectives
New Scotland Yard/LWT/1972-74 Scotland Yard Detective Chief Superintendent
New York Undercover/FOX/1994-98 Hip Plainclothes Detectives
Nichols/NBC/1971-72 Frontier Town Sheriff
Night Court/NBC/1984-92 Court Bailiffs
Night Heat/CBS/1985-91 Plainclothes Detectives
The Nine Lives Of Elfego Baca/ABC/1958-60 Frontier Sheriff/Lawyer
99-1/CAR/1994-95 Undercover London Detective Inspector
911 (Rescue 911)/ABC/1989-92 Reenacted Police Emergency Events
No Hiding Place/A-R/1959-67 British Chief Detective Superintendent
Nobody's Perfect/ABC/1980 Scotland Yard Inspector On Loan To USA
N.O.P.D./SYN/1956 Homicide Division Plainclothes Detectives
Northern Exposure/CBS/1990-95 Tough Female State Trooper
Not For Hire/SYN/1959 US Army Criminal Investigator
Numb3rs/CBS/2005+ FBI Agent & Mathematician Brother Solve Crimes
N.Y.P.D./ABC/1967-69 Plainclothes Detectives
NYPD Blue/ABC/1993-2005 15th Precinct Plainclothes Detectives
The Odd Couple/ABC/1970-75 Uniformed Police Officer (Felix and Oscar's Friend)
The Odd Man/GRA/1962-63 British Police Chief Inspector
Official Detective (Crime Reporter)/SYN/1957-58 Police Detective Anthology
Ohara/ABC/1987 Plainclothes Detectives
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury/CBS/1971-72 Federal Treasury Agents
The Oldest Rookie/CBS/1987-88 Uniformed Rookie Police Officer
One Big Family/SYN/1986-87 Uniformed Police Officer
One West Waikiki/CBS/SYN/1994-96 Plainclothes Detective
Orleans/CBS/1997 Plainclothes Detective
Our Family Honor/ABC/1985-86 Police Commissioner & 8th Precinct Police Officers
Out Of The Blue/BBC/1995 Team Of British CID Detectives
Out Of This World/SYN/1987-91 Rural Police Chief
The Outlaws/NBC/1960-62 Frontier US Marshal
Outlaws/CBS/1986-87 Frontier Sheriff Accidentally Warped to the Future
Over My Dead Body/CBS/1990-91 New Scotland Yard Inspector Turned Writer
Pacific Blue/USA/1996-2000 Beach Patrol Officers On Bicycles
Pacific Station/NBC/1991-92 Plainclothes Detectives
Palace Guard/CBS/1991 Hotel Security Chief
Paradise/CBS/1988-91 Gunfighter Turned Lawman
Paris/CBS/1979-80 Undercover Detectives
Paris Precinct/ABC/1954-55 French Surete Inspector
Parkin's Patch/YTV/1969-70 Rural British Policeman
The Partners/NBC/1971-72 33rd Precinct Plainclothes Detectives
Pentagon U.S.A./CBS/1953 US Army Investigator
Photocrime/ABC/1949 Plainclothes Inspector
Picket Fences/CBS/1992-96 Small Town Sheriff & Deputies
Pie In The Sky/BBC/1993-97 Gourmet Police Inspector Opens Restaurant
Pistols & Petticoats/CBS/1966-67 Frontier Town Deputy Sheriff
The Plainclothesman/DUM/1949-54 Plainclothes Detective
Players/NBC/1997-98 Paroled Felons Work Undercover for FBI
Police/BBC/1982 Men & Women Of "E" Division Of Thames Police
Police: Operation Carter/BBC/1982 London Regional Crime Squad Tracks Gangs
Police Academy: The Series/SYN/1998-99 Bungling Rookie Policemen
Police Call/SYN/1955 Police Anthology
Police Squad!/ABC/1982 Zany Uniformed And Plainclothes Officers
Police Story/CBS/1952 Dramatized Incidents From Police Files
Police Story/NBC/1973-77 Uniformed and Plainclothes Officers Anthology
Police Story/ABC/1988 Uniformed and Plainclothes Officers Anthology
Police Surgeon/SYN/1973-74 Physician for Police
Police Woman/NBC/1974-78 Undercover Detective
Policewoman Decoy/SYN/1957-58 Undercover Detective
Prey/ABC/1998 Plainclothes Detective & FBI Agent
Prime Suspect/GRA/1990-96 British Female Detective Chief Inspector
Prince Street/NBC/1997 Undercover Police Squad
Probation Officer/ATV/1959-62 Court Appointed Probation Officers
Pros and Cons/ABC/1991-92 Retired Cop Turned Private Detective
Profiler/NBC/1996-2000 FBI Violent Crime Task Force (VCTF) Serial Killer Psychologist Stalked by a Madman Named Jack
The Professionals/LWT/1977-83 Criminal Intelligence 5 (CI5) Anti-Terrorist Group
The Protectors/NBC/1969-70 Deputy Police Chief
The Pursuers/ATV/1961-62 Scotland Yard Detective Inspector
Public Enemy No.2/SHO/1991 Spoof of America's Most Wanted
Public Morals/CBS/1996 Vice-Squad Detectives
The Pursuers/SYN/1956 Scotland Yard Inspector
The Quest/ABC/1982 Retired Policeman Compete3s for Inheritance

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