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Program Description
Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years/BBC/2001 Female Labour Candidate
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes/YTC/1997-2000 British Diplomat Posted In Canada
Alias Smith And Jones/ABC/1971-73 Governor Promises Pardon To Outlaws
American Embassy/FOX/2002 Ohio Woman Works for U.S. Embassy in London
Benson/ABC/1979-86 Governor & Staff
Blott On The Landscape/BBC/1985 Parliament Member Pushes For Highway Project
Café Americain/NBC/1993-94 Deposed First Lady of an Unnamed Asian Country
Citizen Baines/CBS/2001 US Senator Loses Fourth Term & Goes Home To Family
Citizen Smith/BBC/1977-80 Leader Of Tooting Popular Front Party
Commander in Chief/ABC/2005-2006 Female Vice-President Becomes President
Cop Rock/ABC/1990 Mayor of Large City
D.C./WB/2000 Recent College Graduate, Lobbyist & Supreme Court Clerk
D.C. Follies/SYN/1987-89 Political Satire Set In Pub
The Edwardians/BBC/1992 British Cabinet Minister Lloyd George
Emma Brody(US Embassy)/FOX/2002 Vice-consul in London's U.S. Embassy
Even Stevens/DIS/2000-03 Female California State Senator
The Exile/CBS/1991-95 Cultural Affairs Attache to US Embassy In Paris
Ever Decreasing Circles/BBC/1984-89 Chamber Of Commerce & Committees Leader
Evening Shade/CBS/1990-94 Town Mayor
The Farmer's Daughter/ABC/1963-66 Congressman
Favorite Son/NBC/1988 Freshman Texas Senator
F.D.R./ABC/1965 Public Life of President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Four Just Men/SYN/1959-60 Independent Member Of Parliament
GBH/C4/1991 Ambitious British Council Leader
The Geena Davis Show/ABC/2000-2001 Widowed Political Writer
Get Smart/FOX/1995 CONTROL Spy Turned Congresswoman
Goodtime Girls/ABC/1980 Office Of Price Administration
The Governor & J.J./CBS/1969-72 Governor & His Daughter
Grandpa Goes To Washington/NBC/1978-79 66-Year Old Senator
Hail To The Chief/ABC/1985 Female US President
Hearts Afire/CBS/1992-95 Senator's Legislative Assistant
He's The Mayor/ABC/1986 Young Black Mayor
His Honor, Homer Bell/SYN/1955 Justice Of The Peace
Hizzonner/NBC/1979 Mayor Of Midwestern City
In the Heat Of The Night/NBC/CBS/1988-94 City Councilwoman
Irish R.M./SYN/1983-84 Resident Magistrate
The Jeffersons/CBS/1975-85. United Nations Interpreter
Karen/ABC/1975 Washington Lobbyist
Kennedy/NBC/1983 The Presidency of John F. Kennedy
Leap Years/SHO/2001-02 Successful Madison Avenue Lawyer Aspires to Politics
Linc's/SHO/1998-2000 Lobbyist & Senator's Chief of Staff & Children' Rights Activist
Little World Of Don Camillo/BBC/1980 Communist Mayor of Small Italian Town
The London Embassy/THA/1987 American Assigned To US Embassy In London

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