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Private Investigators  See also "Police & Law Enforcement Agents"

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Program Description
Saber Of London/NBC/1957-60 British Inspector Turned Private Eye
The Saint/ATV/NBC/1962-69 Wealthy Playboy Sleuth
The Saint/LWT/1989-90 .Wealthy Playboy Sleuth
Search/NBC/1972-73. Super-computerized Probe Detective Agency
Seaway/SYN/1965-66 Shipping Line Security Agent
The Seeking Heart/CBS/1954. Criminologist
The Sentimental Agent/ATV/1963 Import/Export Company Investigator
Sergeant Steve Dekker/SYN/1959-60 US Army Investigator
77 Sunset Strip/ABC/1958-64 Bailey & Spencer Private Investigations
Shaft/CBS/1973-74 Black Private Eye
Shannon/SYN/1961-62 Insurance Investigator
Sherlock Holmes/BBC/1951 British Criminologist
Sherlock Holmes/GUI/1954-55 British Criminologist
Sherlock Holmes/BBC/1965 British Criminologist
Shoestring/BBC/1979-80 British On-Air Radio Detective
Shotgun Slade/SYN/1959-61 Frontier Private Eye
Simon & Simon/CBS/1981-88 Private Eye Brothers
Sins Of The City/USA/1998 Cop Turned Private Eye
The Singing Detective/BBC/1986-87 Detective Novel Character
Sleepwalkers/NBC/1997 Medical Detectives-Dream Researchers
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes/BBC/1968 British Criminologist
Small & Frye/CBS/1983 Tiny Private Eye & Partner
The Snoop Sisters/NBC/1973-74 Amateur Sleuth Sisters
Snoops/CBS/1989-90 Husband & Wife Sleuths
Sons of Thunder/CBS/1999 Private Eye Teams With Police Detective
South of Sunset/CBS/1993 Movie Studio Head of Security Turned Private Eye
South Of The Border/BBC/1988 Two Women (One an Ex-Thief) Become Private Eyes
Spenser For Hire/ABC/1985-88 Cop Turned Private Eye
Staccato/NBC/ABC/1959-60 Pianist Turned Private Eye
Steve Randall/DUM/1952-53 Lawyer Turned Private Eye
Stories Of The Century/SYN/1954-55 Railroad Investigators
Strange Report/ATV/NBC/1971 Freelance British Forensic Criminologist
Surfside Six/ABC/1960-62. Private Eyes
Sweating Bullets/CBS/1991-95 DEA Agent Turned Private Eye
Switch/CBS/1975-78 Cop & Con Turned PI's (Ryan-MacBride Private Detectives)
Sydney/CBS/1990 Female Private Investigator For Attorney
T & T/SYN/FAM/1988-90 Black Private Investigator For Female Attorney
Tales Of Wells Fargo/NBC/1957-62 Stage Coach Investigator
Ten Speed & Brown Shoe/ABC/1980 Lionel Whitney Investigations
Tenafly/NBC/1973-74 Black Private Eye
Tekwar/USA/1995 Cop Turned Undercover Security Agent
The Thin Man/NBC/1957-59 Socialite Sleuths
The Third Man/BBC/NTA/1959-60 Import/Exporter Sleuth
Thorndyke/BBC/1964 British Forensic Physician Criminologist
3,2,1, Contact/PBS/1980-92 Juvenile Sleuths
357 Marina Del Rey (Danger Theatre)/FOX/1993 Spoof of 77 Sunset Strip Private Eyes
The Tracer/SYN/1956-57 Detectives Search For Missing Persons & Heirs
True Detectives/CBS/1990-91 Series Documented Lives of Real Life Detectives
Tucker's Witch/CBS/1982-83 Private Eye & Witch Wife
21 Beacon Street/NBC/ABC/1959-60 Private Eye
Vega$/ABC/1978-81 Private Eye
The View From Daniel Pike/BBC/1971-73 Glascow Private Eye
Vendetta/BBC/1966-68 Ex-Mafioso Turned Investigator Of The Mafia
Veronica Clare/LIF/1991 Female 1940s Film Noir Styled Private Eye
Veronica Mars/UPN/2004-2007 Disgraced Sheriff Turned Private Eye. His Teenage Daughter, Veronica Helps Out With  Her Dad's Cases, as well as Those of Her Own
Whiz Kids/CBS/1983-84 Teenage Sleuth & His Talking Computer
Wolf/CBS/1989-91 Framed Cop Turned Private Eye
Young Sherlock - The Mystery Of The Manor House/GRA/1982 Young Sherlock Holmes
Zero One/BBC/1962-65 Airline Security International Investigators

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