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Royalty  See also - "Money" and "Politics & Politicians"

 (Includes Kings, Queens, Knights, Noblemen & Royal Heirs)

Program Description
The Adventures of Don Quixote/SYN/1965 Senile Spanish Nobleman
The Adventures of Robin Hood/CBS/1955-58 Nobleman Turned Outlaw
The Adventures of Sir Francis Drake/NBC/1962 British Admiral & Nobleman
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot/NBC/ABC/1956-57 Knight Of The Round Table
Anna & The King/CBS/1972 King of Siam 
Arthur & The Square Knights Of The Round Table/SYN/1968 King Arthur's Camelot
Arthur Of The Britons/ITV/1972-73 Warlord King Arthur
Black Adder/BBC/1983 Scheming Middle Ages Nobleman
Blackadder II/BBC/1986 Scheming Elizabethan Nobleman
Blackadder the Third/BBC/1987 Prince Regent's Scheming Butler
By The Sword Divided/BBC/1983-85 Roundheads vs. The Royalists in British Civil War
Café Americain/NBC/1993-94 Deposed First Lady Of An Unspecified Asian Country
Catherine Cookson's The Mallens/GRA/1980 British Aristocratic Family
The Charmings/ABC/1987-88 Prince Charming & Family
The Cleopatras/BBC/1983 Story Of Ancient Egyptian Queens Told Via Flashbacks
The Count Of Monte Cristo/SYN/1955-56 Mysterious Nobleman Fights Injustice
Covington Cross/ABC/1992 Medieval English Lords & Ladies 
Dark Knight/CH5/2000 Sir Ivanhoe of Rotherwood Castle Battles Injustice in 1193 AD
Dick & The Duchess/CBS/1957-58 British Duchess
Dragon's Lair/ABC/1984-85 Cartoon With Dirk The Daring, Princess Daphne & King
The Duchess of Duke Street/BBC/1976-77 Edwardian Cook Rises In The Social Ranks
Edward And Mrs. Simpson/THA/1978 Story of Edward The VIII's Abdication
Edward The Seventh (The Royal Victorians)/ATV/1975 Life of Edward The Seventh
Elizabeth R/BBC/1971 Reign of Tudor Queen Elizabeth I 
Emma Brody (American Embassy)/FOX/2002 Royal Family Member
Fall Of Eagles/BBS/1974 Romanovs, Habsburgs & Hohenzollerns Dynasties
Far Pavilions/HBO/1984 Hindu Princess
The Feathered Serpent/THA/1976-78 Ancient Mayan Empress
The First Churchills/BBC/1969 Sara Churchill, Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Anne
Fortunes Of War/BBC/1987 Prince Yakimov
The Ginger Tree/BBC/1989 Japanese Noblemen Count Kentaro Kurihama
I, Claudius/BBC/1976 Roman Emperors Caligula & Claudius
Ivanhoe/SYN/1958 Knight Of The Crusades
Ivanhoe/BBC/1970 Knights of the Crusades
Jack of All Trades/SYN/UPN/2000 Dwarfish Brother of Napoleon Bonaparte
Jennie, Lady Randolph Churchill/THA/1974. Story of Sir Winston Churchill's Mother
The Jewel In The Crown/GRA/1984 Mysterious Exiled Russian Count
The Last Of The Baskets/GRA/1979 Factory Worker Becomes Earl of Clogborough
The Legend Of Prince Valiant/FAM/1991-94 King Arthur & Prince Valiant
The Little Mermaid/CBS/1992-95 Teenage Mermaid Daughter of King Triton
The Little Wizards/ABC/1987-88 Prince Aided By Trio Of Little Wizards
The Mallens/GRA/1979-80 British Aristocratic Family
The Man In The Iron Mask/BBC/1968 Rightful Heir To French Throne Imprisoned
Masked Rider/FOX/1995-96. Outer Space Prince Flees To Earth & Battles Evil
Napoleon And Josephine: A Love Story/ABC/1987 Emperor Napoleon & Lover
The Pallisers/BBC/1974 The Pallisers Family & The Earl of Silverbridge
The Persuaders/ABC/1971-72 British Lord
Princesses/CBS/1991 Widow Of English Prince (Isle Of Scilly)
The Protectors/ITC/1972-74 English Noblewoman Contessa di Contini
The Quest/ABC/1982 Possible Heirs To Throne
Richard The Lion Heart/SYN/1962-63 King Of England
Roar/FOX/1997 Celtic Irish Prince
Robin of Sherwood/HTV/SHO/1984-86 Nobleman Assumes Identity Of Forest Outlaw
Shaka Zulu/SYN/1986 African Warrior King Shaka Zulu
The Six Wives of Henry VIII/BBC/1970 Reign of English Monarch Henry VIII
Skelton Warriors/CBS/1994-95 Kingdom of Luminocity Battles Invading Skeletons
Upstairs. Downstairs/LWT/1971-75 British Aristocratic Family
War And Peace/BBC/1973 Czarist Russia During Napoleonic Wars
Warrior Queen/THA/1978 British Queen Boudica Battles Roman Soldiers In A.D. 61
What A Country!/SYN/1986-87 Son Of Deposed African King
When Things Were Rotten/ABC/1975 Nobleman Assumes Identity of Forest Outlaw
Wizards & Warriors/CBS/1983 Arthurian Prince and Princess
Xena: Warrior Princess/SYN/1995-2001 Ancient Greek Warrior Princess

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