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Satanic & Devilish Beings  See also - "Vampires, Werewolves..." and "Witches"
Program Description
American Gothic/CBS/1995-96 Demonic Rural Sheriff
Brimstone/FOX/1998-99 Satan Makes Deal With Dead Man To Recapture 113 Souls
Friday The 13th: The Series/SYN/1987-90 Search For Antiques Cursed By the Devil
God, the Devil and Bob/NBC/2000 Satan and Henchman Smeck Tempt a Human
Mr. Black/ABC/1949 Satan’s Earthly Representative
The One Hundred Lives Of Black Jack Savage/NBC/1991 Hellish Spirits Track Souls
Point Pleasant/FOX/2005 Daughter of the Devil Comes of Age and Seeks Her Human Mother
Poltergeist: The Legacy/SYN/SCI/1996-99 Paranormal Investigators Battle Entities
Reaper/CW/2007+ Parents sell Their son's soul to the Devil to avoid being taken to Hell. When the boy becomes 18, Satan enlists the teen as a demon hunter to capture escaped souls.
Samurai Jack/CAR/2001-2004 Aku, an Evil Shape-shifting Demon
Samurai Jack/CAR/2001-2004 Aku, an Evil Shape-shifting Demon Who Sends Samurai Warrior through Time
Twin Peaks/ABC/1990-91 Bob The Demon Kills Young Women
A Year At The Top/CBS/1997 Songwriters Sell Their Souls To Devil For Success

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