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Science & Scientists See also  "Archaeologists", "Anthropologists", and "Engineers"

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Program Description
The Magic School/PBS/1994 Science Teacher Travels On Magic Bus
The Man & The Challenge/NBC/1959-60 Stress Scientist
M.A.N.T.I.S./FOX/1994-95 Paraplegic Bio-Physicist
Marie Curie/BBC/1977 Noble-Prize Winning Scientist Marie Curie
The Misfits of Science/NBC/1985-86 H.I.T. Scientists & Superhero Teenagers
Mr. Peepers/NBC/1952-55 Jefferson City Junior High School Science Teacher
Mr. Terrific/CBS/1967 Secret Project Scientists
Mission Genesis/SCI/1997-98 Cloned Humans Sent to Space To Protect Gene Banks
The Munster's/CBS/1964-66 Vampire Mad Scientist
The Munster's Today/SYN/1988-91 Vampire Mad Scientist
Moonbase 3/BBC/1973. Lunar European Scientific Community 
Mutant X/SYN/2001-2004 Scientist Tracks Down Mutant Humans for Extinction
My Secret Identity/SYN/1988-91 Scientist Mentors Teenage Superhero
One Happy Family/NBC/1961 Meteorologist
The 100 Lives Of Black Jack Savage/NBC/1991 Former Pentagon Scientist/Inventor
Peck's Bad Girl/CBS/1959-60 Research Physicist
The People's Choice/NBC/1955-58 Ornithologist For The Bureau Of Fish & Wildlife
Planet Of the Apes/CBS/1974 Ape Scientists
Police Squad!/ABC/1982 Police Chemist
Poltergeist: The Legacy/SYN/SCI/1996-99 Scientist Investigate The Paranormal
Probe/ABC/1988 Young Man Called "Greatest Scientific Mind Of The Century"
Q.E.D./CBS/1982 Harvard Science Professor/Amateur Sleuth
Quantum Leap/NBC/1989-93 Quantum Physics Professor
Quatermass (Quatermass Conclusion)/EUS/1979 British Scientist
The Quatermass Experiment/BBC/1953 British Scientist
Quatermass II/BBC/1955 British Scientist
Quatermass And The Pit/BBC/1958-59 British Scientist
R3/BBC/1964-65 Lives Of Scientists At Research Centre Number Three
Ramar Of The Jungle/SYN/1952-54 Medical Research Scientist
Return To The Planet Of The Apes/NBC/1974-76 Ape Scientists
Roger Ramjet/SYN/1965 Research Scientist Develops Super-strength "Proton Pill"
Roomies/NBC/1987 Ichthyology College Student
Sea Hunt/SYN/1987-88 Marine Biologist
Seven Days/UPN/1998-2001 'Back Step' Scientists Send Chrononaut Back In Time 
Shadow Chasers/ABC/1985-86 Georgetown Institute Of Science Anthropology Prof.
Sleepwalkers/NBC/1997 Dream Researchers
Sliders/FOX/1995-97 Quantum Physics Professor & Gifted Student
Space/CBS/1987 Rocket Scientists
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/SYN/1993-99 Starship Botanist
Strange Paradise/SYN/1969-70 Biochemist
Strange World/ABC/1999 Former Army Scientist Kept Alive By Mystery Drug
Sunday Dinner/CBS/1991 Microbiology Ph.D.
Surface/NBC/2005-2006 Oceanographer and Government Scientists Investigate the Appearance of New Huge Sea Creatures
Swamp Thing/USA/1990-93 Scientist Turned Creature
Tarzan/SYN/1991-92 Environmental Scientist
3rd Rock From The Sun/NBC/1996-2001 Alien Poses as Physics Professor
This Man Craig/BBC/1966-67 Scottish Comprehensive School Physics Teacher
Timecop/ABC/1997 Time Machine Technicians
Time Trax/SYN/1993-95 Evil Scientist from Future Travels To Past
The Time Tunnel/ABC/1966-67 Electro-microbiologist Tracks Physicists Lost In Time
Top Secret, U.S.A./SYN/1954 Government Scientists
Two Of A Kind/ABC/1998-99 College Science Professor
Viper/NBC/1994 Paraplegic Automotive Research Scientist
Westwind/NBC/1975-76 Marine Biologist
War Of The Worlds/SYN/1988-90 Microbiologist & Astrophysicist Fight Aliens
The Wild Wild West/CBS/1965-69 Secret Agent With Science Background
The Wizard/CBS/1986-87 Weapons Designer/Toymaker
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles/NBC/1992-93 Aspiring Archeologist

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