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Wizards & Sorcerers  See also "Genies," "Magic & Magicians" & "Witches
Program Description
The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot/ITC/NBC/1956-57 Merlin The Magician
Catweazle/LWT/1970-71 Medieval Wizard Catapulted To Modern-Day England
Dark Knight/CH5/2000 Odo, an Apprentice of the Magician Kazan
The Dresden Files/SCI/2007 Wizard Turned Private Detective (The only Wizard listed in the Chicago phone directory).
The Little Wizards/ABC/1987-88 Prince Aided By Trio Of Little Wizards
Mr. Merlin/CBS/1981-82 Merlin the Sorcerer Turned Garage Mechanic Owner
Ozmoe/ABC/1951 Puppet Show With Monkey, Leprechaun, Mermaid, & Sea Serpent
Roar/FOX/1997 Mythic Irish Wizard & 400 Year Old Supernatural Roman
Skeleton Warriors/CBS/1994-95 Skeleton Warriors Battle For Magic Crystal
Thundarr The Barbarian/ABC/NBC/1980-84 Barbarian Battles Evil Wizards & Monsters
The Whistling Wizard/CBS/1951-52 Leprechaun Wizard Rules The Land Of Beyond
Wizards & Warriors/CBS/1983. Sorcerer/Magicians

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