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Program Description
The Adventures Of Don Quick/LWT/1970 Intergalactic Maintenance Squad
The Adventures of Superman/SYN/1951-57 Alien From Planet Krypton on Earth
The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers/SYN/1986 BETA Space Police Protect Earth
ALF/NBC/1986-90 Alien From Planet Melmac Visits Earth
ALF/NBC/1987-89 (animated). Alien From Planet Melmac
Alien Nation/FOX/1989-91 Alien Slaves Seek Refuge On Earth
Aliens in the Family/ABC/1996 Single Dad in Love with Alien Scientist
Astronauts/ITV/1981-83 Britain's First Three Astronauts In Space
Babylon 5/SYN/1994-98 Life Aboard Space Station
Battle Of The Planets/SYN/1978 G-Force Defends Earth's Galaxy From Zoltar
Battlestar Galactica/ABC/1978-80 Alien Survivors Search For Earth
Battlestar Galactica/SCI/2005+ Earth Survivors Battle Race of Artificial Humans and their Robotic Cylon Warriors
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures/FOX/1991-92 Time Traveling Teenagers
Blake's 7/BBC/1978-81 Spacebound Freedom Fighters Battle Evil Federation
Brats Of The Lost Nebula/WB/1998-99 Teenage Alien Refugees Wander Universe
Buck Rogers/ABC/1950-51 Earthman Stranded In Future
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century/NBC/1979-81 Earthman Stranded In Future
Captain Video & His Video Rangers/DUM/1949-57 Galactic Crimefighter
Captain Scarlet of the Mysterons/SYN/1967 Puppet Superhero Battles Alien Invaders
Captain Z-Ro/SYN/1954-55 Time Traveling Superhero
Commando Cody/NBC/1955 Galactic Crimefighter
Counterstrike/BBC/1969 Outer Space Alien Averts Invasion Of Earth By Centaurans
Danny The Dragon/SYN/1970 Alien Dragon Visits Earth
Disney's Lloyd in Space/ABC/2001 13-year-old Green Alien
Doctor Who/BBC/SYN/1963-90. Time Traveling Alien From Planet Gallifrey
Earth 2/NBC/1994-95 Space Station Personnel Flee to Earth-like Planet
Earth: Final Conflict/SYN/1997-2002 Earthmen Battle Alien Visitors
Enterprise/UPN/2001-2005 Maiden Voyages of the Starship Enterprise
Far Out Space Nuts/CBS/1975-77 Stowaways On Rocket Ship
Farscape/SCI/1999-2003 IASA Astronaut Lost In Space
Firefly/FOX/2002-03 Crew of the Transport Spaceship 'Serenity' in the 29th Century
First Wave/SCI/1999-2003 Aliens Begin Invasion Of Earth
Flash Gordon/SYN/1953-54/NBC/1979 Intergalactic Hero
The Galaxy Goofups/NBC/1978-79 Futuristic Police Force
Gilligan's Planet/CBS/1982-83. Explorers Stranded On Remote Planet
Hard Time on Planet Earth/NBC/1989 Space Warrior Exiled To Earth
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy/BBC/1981 Earthman Travels Galaxy with Alien
Homeboys in Outer Space/UPN/1996-97 Hip Space Mercenaries
Hypernauts/ABC/1995-96 Teenage Space Cadets Blown Far Into the Cosmos
I Dream of Jeannie/NBC/1965-70. NASA Astronauts Befriend a Genie
The Invaders/ABC/1967-68 Alien Invaders From Space
Invasion America/WB/1998. Alien Teenager Thwarts Outer Space Invasion
It's About Time/CBS/1966-67 Astronauts Lost In Time
Jason of Star Command/CBS/1979-81 Star Command Space Cadets
Johnny Jupiter/DUM/SYN/1953-54 Alien From Jupiter Contacts Earth Man
The Journey of Allen Strange/NIK/1997-2000 Stranded Alien Befriends Human Kids
Jupiter Moon/C4/1990 & 96. Crew Of Spacecraft Ilea Orbiting the Planet Jupiter
Kinvig/LWT/1981 Electrical Repair Man Transported To Planet Mercury
Legend of the Rangers/SCI/2002 Joint Elite Police Force of Both Humans and Aliens 
Lost In Space/CBS/1965-68 Astronaut Family Lost In Space
Lost On Earth/USA/1997 Stranded Space Aliens Disguised as Puppets
The Lost Saucer/ABC/1975-76 Androids Lost In Space

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