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Ginger GrantGinger Grant Films - Tina Louise starred as a shipwrecked motion picture star Ginger Grant on the sitcom GILLIGAN'S ISLAND/CBS/1964-67. Ginger often referred to her Hollywood experiences and the movies in which she appeared. Some of the films mentioned included:
  • The Hula Girl and the Fullback
  • Belly Dancers From Bali Bali
  • The Rain Dancers of Rango Rango
  • San Quentin Blues
  • Sing a Song of Sing Sing
  • Mohawk Over the Moon? (Indian astronaut)

Like most actors, Ginger didn't get all the roles for which she auditioned. She didn't get the part in the western Standing Cow, Daughter of Sitting Bull because she couldn't shoot a gun; and for the horror film Land of the Vampires she lost the role because she had the wrong blood type. Before finding work in the movies Ginger worked for Merlin the Mindreader and Al Ben Casey, a phony sheik. The shapely starlet was once voted Miss Hour Glass because "her sand was in all the right places."

Ginger's vanity was once revealed in the following exchange. "Oh look, Mary Ann, a framed picture of my favorite movie star." "Really," said Mary Ann. "Who is it?" "Me!" quipped Ginger.

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