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Joe Forrester - The police drama JOE FORRESTER/NBC/1975-76  starred Lloyd Bridges as beat cop Joe Forrester (Badge # 147).

Lloyd Briddges as Officer Joe Forrester

Joe rejected a desk job as a detective because he felt he could make a bigger difference patrolling the streets of a large unnamed California city. The routine folks on his beat were petty thieves, arsonists, runaways, and drug pushers.

Other people in Joe Forrester's life included:

  • Eddie Egan as Sgt. Bernie Vincent (Joe's boss)
  • Michael Warren as Det. Marshall
  • Lynn Redding as Sgt. Storm
  • Taylor Lacher as Det. Will Carson
  • Andra Akers as Assistant D.A. Johnson
  • Dale Tarter as Polygraph operator
  • Patricia Crowley as Georgia Cameron (Joe's girlfriend)
  • Dwan Smith as Jolene Jackson (Joe's street informant)

The series spun-off from an episode entitled "The Return of Joe Forrester" starring Lloyd Bridges that aired May 6, 1975 on the crime anthology POLICE STORY/NBC/1973-77/ABC/1988. See also "The Blue Knight"

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