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Dial 999 - The British police drama DIAL 999/SYN/1958-59 followed Robert Beatty as Detective Inspector Maguire, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who was assigned to the New Scotland Yard in London, England to learn modern methods of crime detection.

Robert Beatty as Detective Inspector Maguire - DIAL 999
Detective Inspector Maguire

"Dial 9-9-9. When in London that's what you do to call the police, I know I'm a policemen from Canada attached to Scotland Yard. My name is Mike Maguire." - Opening Narration

Other officers on duty at New Scotland Yard included:

  • John Witty as Detective Sergeant West
  • Duncan Lamont as Detective Inspector Winter

During his assignment at Scotland yard, Detective Maguire handled a number of cases including:

  • Identifying the robber of a fur store
  • Theft of valuable registered mail
  • Murder of an engineer
  • The strangler of young women
  • Pick pockets
  • Stolen diamonds
  • The recovery of  money from a bank robbery
  • Search for an American gangster hiding out in Britain
  • A series of payroll robberies
  • Nailing a lawyer who murdered his wife
  • Bookmakers who rigged a horse race.

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was made in cooperation of the Metropolitan Police and the citizens of London. The "9-9-9" emergency phone service originated in England on June 30, 1937. It was the first service of its type in the world. In 1968, the United States implemented an equivalent system ("9-1-1")  in Haleyville, Alabama.

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