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Small Town Police

Elmo, Alaska -The comedy/drama MEN IN TREES/ABC/2006+ featured the small town police force of Elmo Alaska.

Cynthia Stevenson as Police Chief Celia Bachelor - MEN IN TREES
Police Chief Celia Bachelor

The Elmo Police Department consisted of widowed Police Chief Celia Bachelor (Cynthia Stevenson) and Police supervisor Richard Ellis (Currie Graham), Celia's romantic interest. Together, they maintain law and order in the remote Alaskan wilderness. Celia's maiden name is Hisbut

Dick and Celia - MEN IN TREES
Dick and Celia in a private moment

Other citizens in the town of Elmo included.

  • Derek Richardson as Celia's son Patrick O'Bachelorton who runs the town inn. He really hates the way his mother is so clingy. Celia arrested Patrick once for pulling a reckless stunt. While in jail, Patrick refused to speak to Celia, even after Celia baked him cookies shaped in the message of "I Love You" (The letter "I", the shape of a heart, and the letter "U"). Eventually, they resolved their differences, but the mother son dynamic was always at the root of something or another in their lives, like the time Celia tried to be patient as she taught Patrick how to drive. She insisted he follow the rules. He just wanted to drive. Patrick's last name of O'Bachelorton is compilation of the "O" from Annie "O'Donnell (Patrick's fiancée), his original name "BACHELOR", and "TON" from his biological father Buzz Washington (John Amos), an African American pilot who owns one of the only planes that flies people in and out of Elmo. Buzz also has a gay son named George Washington.

Celia and Patrick in her Jeep - MEN IN TREES
Celia teaches Patrick how to drive

  • Anne Heche as Marin First, a New York City relationship coach and best-selling author who traveled to Alaska for a speaking engagement. Unfortunately, along the way, she finds pictures of her fiancé with an other woman. Shattered at his infidelity, Marin seeks out the seclusion of Elmo, Alaska to mend her wounds. To her delight, she finds that town of Elmo is overstocked with eligible handsome bachelors and so she buys a cabin by a lake and settles in to do some soul searching and write her next book. Meanwhile she hosts the local radio program with Patrick. He is an avid fan of Marin's work.
  • Emily Bergl as Annie O'Donnell, a devoted fan of Marin's literary works who followed Marin to Elmo. She became Patrick's fiancée but when a lightning bolt hits Patrick in the head, he got amnesia and failed to remember his love for Annie.
  • Seanna Kofoed as Jane Burns, Marin's editor who falls in love with Sam, the "Plow Guy" (Ty Olsson), a snow plow driver.
  • James Tupper as Jack Slattery, a local fish and game biologist who falls in love with Marin
  • Abraham Benrubi as Ben Thomasson, the owner of The Chieftain, the town bar. He coaches the Huskies, the local hockey team
  • Suleka Mathew as Sara Jackson, an ex-prostitute, single mother and waitress at the Chieftain. She is Ben's former girlfriend.
  • Sarah Strange as Theresa Thomasson, Ben's wife and backup singer for the popular singer Jewel, another Alaskan native.
    Lauren Tom as Mai Washington, Buzz's talkative, Asian-American wife. She has a side business of selling items from unclaimed luggage.
  • Timothy Webber as Jerome Robinsky, a once famous musical composer and regular at The Chieftain
  • Justine Bateman as Lynn Barstow, Jack's pregnant ex-girlfriend.
  • Scott Elrod as Cash, a handsome nomadic handyman who agrees to fix up Marin's cabin by a lake in exchange for room and board. He is attracted to Marin. Cash later learns he needs a kidney transplant. Marin offered to give him one of hers. In the end, Cash receives a kidney donation from a gay hairstylist.
  • Nicholas Lea as Eric, the town minister who is dating Sara

Celia with Annie, Marin and Jack - MEN IN TREES
Celia on duty helping locals Annie, Marin and Jack

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