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Small Town Police

Rome, Wisconsin -  The small town drama series PICKET FENCES/CBS/1992-96 starred  Tom Skerritt as Sheriff Jimmy Brock who maintained law and order in the quirky little town of Rome, Wisconsin.

Tom Skerritt as Sheriff Jimmy Brock - PICKET FENCES

Other personnel assisting Sheriff Brock included:

  • Costas Mandylor as Deputy Kenny Lacos
  • Lauren Holly as Deputy Maxine Stewart
  •  Matthew Glave as Deputy Bud Skeeter
  • Zelda Rubenstein as Ginny Weeden, the police dispatcher
  • Kelly Connell as Carter Pike, the Medical Examiner
  • Michael Kennan as Mayor Bill Pugen
  • Ray Walston as Judge Henry Bone
  • Fyvush Finkel as Douglas Wambaugh, a lawyer
  • Don Cheadle as D.A. John Littleton

Besides the routine criminals, Rome had some rather strange characters, including the Potato Man, a homeless veteran who carried a bag of potatoes; a serial bather who breaks into homes and takes a bath while the owners are away; Laurie Bey, the Dancing Bandit (Marlee Matlin), a bank robber who stole from the rich and gave to the poor but not before doing her trademark dance at the scene of the crime. After serving her community service, Laurie became the town Mayor. The previous Mayor died by spontaneous combustion.

Deputies Maxine Stewart and Kenny Lacos - PICKET FENCES
Deputies Maxine Stewart and Kenny Lacos

Other odd things that the police department had to handle was finding a women frozen in a freezer; the murder of the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz murdered via an injection of nicotine; and a school student who brought a severed hand to class.

Sheriff Brock family members consisted of:

  • Kathy Baker as Dr. Jill Brock who worked at Thayer Hospital
  • Holly Marie Combs as Kimberly Brock (age 16)
  • Justin Shenkarow as Matthew Brock (age 11)
  • Adam Wylie as Zach Brock (age 8)

Sheriff Jimmy Brock and Family - PICKET FENCES
Cast of Picket Fences

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