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Sci-Fi Police

Space Patrol -  Galactic police force featured on the children's sci-fi adventure SPACE PATROL/ABC/1950-55.


Set in the 30th century, the Space Patrol maintained law and order in the solar system from its headquarters on the artificial planet, Terra, located midway between Earth and Mars.

Space Patrol members/associates included:

  • Ed Kemmer as Commander Buzz Corry
  • Lynn Osborn as Cadet Happy
  • Ken Mayer as Major Robbie Robertson
  • Nina Bara as Miss Tonga, an ex-con
  • Paul Cavanugh as Mr. Carlisle, Secretary General of the United Planets
  • Virginia Hewett as his daughter, Carol Carlisle

The Space Patrol's trusty spacecraft was the Terra IV (and finally the Terra V), a long dart shaped ship with portholes and fins that ran two-third the length of the craft. The ship took off and landed vertically.

Space Patrol's nemesis was the evil Prince Baccarratti (Bela Kovacs).

Space Patrol Comic Book
Space Patrol Comic Book

Space Patrol Jigsaw Puzzle
Space Patrol Jigsaw Puzzle

Space Patrol Space-O-Phone Ad
Space Patrol Space-O-Phone Ad

Space Patrol Code Belt and Cosmic Smoke Gun Ad
Space Patrol Code Belt and Smoke Gum

TRIVIA NOTE: The 1963 British puppet series SPACE PATROL (a.k.a. "Planet Patrol" for U.S. release)  followed the exploits of Captain Larry Dart, and his crew Slim and Husky as they patrolled the solar system in the year 2100. They cruised the galaxy in the Galasphere 347 spacecraft as part of the United Galactic Organization, a peace-keeping force. The series was filmed in black & white.

1963 SPACE PATROL Puppet Series Produced in Britain

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