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Box of Shame - Container filled with naughty stuff featured on episode No. 179 "Look Mom, One Hand!" of the situation comedy THE DREW CAREY SHOW/ABC/1995-2004.


When Drew Carey's mother, Beulah (Marion Ross) comes to town for a special Mother's Day brunch at the Warsaw Tavern,  Drew takes all of the things that might cause him shame and places them in a cardboard box he calls the "Box of Shame."

The box includes Drew's porn magazines, his naughty videos and a purple velour jumpsuit. When Drew's friend, Oswald (Diedrich Bader) asks why the suit is in the Box of Shame, Drew replies "I can put it on and show you."

During her visit Drew's mom hears from a TV broadcast that her son and his friends are some of Cleveland's most frequent visitors to adult porn sites. Embarrassed, Beulah decides to move in with Drew and monitor and amend his errant ways (replacing all the beer in his fridge with soy milk).

When Beulah discovers Drew's "Box of Shame," she takes all his smut into the backyard and burns it (except for the purple velour jumpsuit). Luckily, Drew's most "unhealthy material" remained securely stored in a safe deposit box.

Drew Carey Marian Ross - THE DREW CAREY SHOW

Drew Carey and his mother, Beulah

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