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Thing's Box - The gold-studded living quarters of an intelligent and very alive disembodied right hand who is the faithful servant of the eccentric millionaire Gomez Addams (John Astin) and his family on the bizarre situation comedy THE ADDAMS  FAMILY/ABC/1964-66.

Thing switches TV channel - THE ADDAMS FAMILY
Thing changes the channel on a TV set

Thing used his box to deliver the family mail, answer the telephone, light Gomez's cigars and sympathetically pat family members with his five fingers when they were depressed.

Thing (Gomez's childhood companion) moved about the Addams' bizarre home via a labyrinth of tunnels which lead to the mail box, a hidden wall vault and to a myriad of small hinged-topped wooden boxes strategically placed about their bizarre gothic home.

"Beware the Thing" was posted on the iron gate in front of the Addams house at 001 Cemetery Lane. When the Addams went for a drive in the car, Thing rode in the glove compartment.

TRIVIA NOTE: In 1993, one of the original boxes used by Thing in the series was auctioned off at Sotherby's for $22,000. See also CREATURES: "Thing"

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