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Rosita the Chair - Dilapidated easy-chair owned by Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) on the sitcom FRIENDS/NBC/1995-2004.

Joey Tribbiani and Rosita the Chair - FRIENDS

Joey is an aspiring actor who lives in a Greenwich Village apartment (#19) across the hall from his friends Monica Gellar and Rachel Green. He is single, charming but he's not the brightest bulb in the bunch.

Once Joey placed a large bookshelf for sale. To prove to a potential customer that the size of the closet on the bookshelf was spacious, Joey climbed inside. The customer then locked Joey inside and stole all his furniture.

Feeling terrible at the theft, Joey eventually purchased two new brown lounge chairs to replace the stolen furniture. He gave one chair to his roommate Chandler Bing and together, the two of them spent many hours of enjoyment watching TV programs like BAYWATCH.

When Chandler moved across the hall with his girlfriend Monica Gellar, he took his chair with him. By then, Joey had become so fond of his chair that he affectionately named it "Rosita."

On the episode "The One Where Rosita Dies" Joey's close friend Rachel and then roommate wants to move Joey's chair but Joey protests claiming that Rosita is perfect right where it is. But when Joey leaves the room Rachel tugs on Rosita and accidentally breaks the back off the chair. Upset that she broke Joey's beloved chair, Rachel takes Joey chair shopping.

Meanwhile, Chandler enters the apartment, sits down on the chair that had been put back together and falls backwards onto the floor. Believing he broke the chair, he quickly runs to his apartment and substitutes his identical chair to cover up the crime.

Joey later returns from shopping with a new amazing chair, with speakers and places to hold beer. But he is surprised to find Rosita miraculously healed.

Seeing that Joey doesn't need a chair, Rachel keeps the new one, but Joey likes the new chair and purposely breaks Chandler's replacement chair to justify getting the new chair.

When Chandler learns the truth of the matter from Rachel, he puts a claim on the new chair seeing that he should get it because he didn't break any of the chairs. But Joey and Rachel gang up on him saying “There’s two of us and one of you.

The real winner in this deal was Monica Gellar, who hated Chandler's ugly chair and was glad it was destroyed.

The following are scripts excerpts from "The One Where Rosita Dies."

Joey: What are you doing?
Rachel: Well, you know I was thinking of moving the couch over here.
Joey: [laughs] Why would you want to do that?
So that there will be a decent place for me to sit. And your lap does not count! Okay? Come on help me move this.
Joey: No. No. No.
Rachel: No?
Joey: No. Rosita does not move.
Rachel: I'm sorry? Rosita? As in...
Joey: As in, "Rosita does not move."
Rachel: Joey, it's just a chair! What's the big deal?
Joey: The big deal is that it is the exact equal distance from the bathroom to the kitchen and it's at the perfect angle so you don't get any glare coming off of Stevie.
Rachel: Stevie the TV?:
Joey: No! [ Joey sets his beer and bag of chips down and heads into his room.)
Rachel: Oh what does he know! Come on Rosita, us chichas got to stick together! [She tries pulling on the back of the chair, until the hinge breaks and the back falls off.] You bitch!
  [Later, Chandler wants the chair]
Chandler:  I think I should get the chair!
Joey:  How do you figure?
Chandler: Because you broke a chair and you broke a chair! The only one around here that hasn't broke a chair is me!
Rachel: No, no, no! This chair's not going anywhere.
Chandler: Well, where's the logic in that?
Rachel: The logic is that there are two of us and we are both strong enough to break a chair in half!

Joey and Chandler in pre-Rosita black chairs
Joey and Chandler in pre-Rosita black chairs

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