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Johnny Jupiter - Alien puppet character from the planet Jupiter who communicated with Earth via interplanetary television transmissions on the JOHNNY JUPITER/DUM/1953-54.

Johnny Jupiter

Johnny's earthly contact is Ernest P. Duckweather, an elderly janitor of a TV station (later a young store clerk), who accidentally picked up Jupiter's wavelength when tinkering with a television console. Johnny had a head shaped like a peanut with a small antenna sprouting from the top of his noggin.

Speaking with a British accent, Johnny eavesdropped on the planet Earth by monitoring Earth's television broadcasts. He questioned our strange habits and customs.

Commenting on television, Johnny informed us that on Jupiter television was used for punishing children when they spent too much time reading books or playing with slide rules.

Other alien puppets that talked with Earth included B-12 (Johnny's colleague), Major Domo, the chief of the robots and Reject the Robot, a factory reject.

The series was a satire of Earth as seen through the eyes of the alien, Johnny Jupiter. The role of E. P. Duckweather was played by Vaughn Taylor and later Wright King.

Jerry Coopersmith (the series writer)  and Gilbert Mach provided the voices for the show.  The hand puppets were animated by Carl Harms and Philip (Gene) London.

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