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Danny O'Day - Wisecracking wooden dummy of ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson seen on a variety of TV commercials and programs in the 1950s.

Ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson with his dummies Danny O'Day and Farfel
Ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson with Danny O'Day & Farfel

Danny O'Day had a high-pitch voice and looked very much like puppet Jerry Mahoney (Danny and Jerry were carved by figuremaker Frank Marshall).

Both Danny and his pet dog Farfel starred in a number of Nestles Chocolate commercials intercut throughout such programs as THE LONE RANGER, SKY KING, MIGHTY MOUSE PLAYHOUSE and THE ROY ROGERS SHOW.

At the end of each commercial Danny O'Day sang "N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestles' makes the very best" and Farfel concluded with an elongated..."Cha-w-w-CLIT!"

During the 1952-53 TV season Jimmy Nelson and his dummy Danny O'Day pitched Texaco commercials on THE MILTON BERLE SHOW. They also appeared on BANK ON THE STARS/NBC/1954, CAVALCADE OF STARS/DUM/1949-52, COME CLOSER/ABC/1954, DOWN YOU GO/NBC/1956, THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW/CBS/1950s and THE JACKIE GLEASON SHOW/CBS/1952-59. See also - DOGS: "Farfel"

Script - Nestlés Quik Commercial (1953)

[Setting: a boxing ring. Bell clangs]

Announcer: In this corner Jimmy Nelson and Danny O'Day
Jimmy:  Now remember what I told, you?
Danny: Ya. Right.  Chin out. Eyes closed and Nestlé Quik for the Referee
Jimmy Ya...NO! Danny. It' too late now.
Farfel: I can't look,
Jimmy: Is it over yet?
Referee: 8, 9, 10. He's out!
Danny: [Mumbling] Oh oh oh oh oh he he har ho ho. Quik! Quik! Should of had
more Quik! Should of had more Quik!
Farfel: He's delirious.
Jimmy: Well, maybe he's right, Farfel. Quik and milk are great for energy. Hey, let's make him some. [gets a glass of milk] Just two spoonfuls in cold milk. ...Little stir.
Farfel: I can see muscles, already.
Jimmy: And there you are...instant choclaty Quik
Danny:  [Waking up] Step aside, Dad. [Drinks flavored milk] Oh Quik. Nestlés Quik It makes milk taste like a million. [refreshed] Let me at 'em.
Jimmy: The fights over. Really? Who won?
Farfel: [vocalizing] Ohhh!
Danny: [singing] N-E-S-T-L-E-S...Nestle's  makes the very best...
Farfel: CHaaaawww-Clit! (clicks mouth shut)
Danny: He never laid a glove on me, Ma.

Nestles Bunny Mascot

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