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Oogie -  Cute round-faced hand puppet from the THE UNCLE FLOYD SHOW seen on New Jersey cable channels in the 1980s. The program was hosted by Uncle Floyd (Floyd Vivino) who wore a porkpie hat, wild plaid jacket and a bow tie.

Oogie the puppet and host Uncle Floyd
Ooogie the puppet and host Uncle Floyd

Uncle Floyd tinkled the ivory of his upright piano; sang such classics as "Deep in the Heart of Jersey" and told burlesque style jokes with the assistance of his cute hand puppet, Oogie (a Kukla look-alike).

A typical Uncle Floyd joke read: "What was Louis the XIV chiefly important for?" Answer: "Louis XV." Ba-da-boom!

The program enjoyed by both children and adults, originally had a "Peanut Gallery" type audience but was replaced by the off camera jeers of his stage crew and a supporting staff of Bowery Boy-like zanies.

Other regular features on the show included displaying art work sent by the home viewers and performing silly comedy sketches.

TRIVIA NOTE On the sitcom A DATE WITH JUDY/ABC/1951-52 another Oogie character named Ogden "Oogie" Pringle played by Jimmie Sommer appeared as Judy's goofy boyfriend. 

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