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Dudley the Dragon - A bumbling, but affable eight-foot tall green dragon who lived in a cave on the education fantasy series THE ADVENTURES OF DUDLEY THE DRAGON/YTV/PBS/1994-1999.

The Cast of Dudley the Dragon
Dudley the Dragon and Friends

The series followed the tale of Dudley the dragon who emerges from a hundred year slumber and finds that the world has changed. With the help of two 10-year old children, Sally and Matt, Dudley solves mysteries, observes the wonders of nature and confronts many of the social issues that plague the modern world, like pollution, energy conservation, bullying, and second hand smoke.

Always overdramatic, Dudley bellows his opinion freely. For example, when he likes the taste of something, he will loudly proclaim it was "DEE-licious.”

Beside his new friends Matt and Sally, Dudley met a number of other characters, including:

  • Chloe, his fairy godmother
  • Mr. Crabby Tree (a talking tree)
  • a tooth fairy
  • a leprechaun
  • a cowardly ghost named Jacob Spookem
  • a mischievous clown
  • twin witches (Willomena and Ernestina)
  • The Great Mezmra, the fortuneteller
  • The Pumpkin King
  • The King of All Living Things (who wants to chop down Mr. Crabby Tree)
  • Clarence the Can, Dudley's magical garbage can.

Mr. Crabby Tree is in Trouble
Will the King chop down Mr. Crabby Tree?

TRIVIA NOTE: Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment, the Dudley the Dragon series was the winner of the Gemini Award for Best Children's Program. It aired 65 x 30 minute episodes that were produced by TV Ontario. The Dudley the Dragon character later made its debut as a six-story-tall float in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Originally, the Dudley character was created for a government play called The Conserving Kingdom, which toured grade schools under the auspices of the Ontario ministry of energy in 1982. Later, Ira Levy and Peter Williamson, partners in Toronto’s Breakthrough Films and Television Inc., bought the rights to the character in 1990. The program premiered in October, 1993, with 12 episodes. To test each episode, head writer Alex Galatis (who provided the voice of Dudley on the show) read the story lines to children at a Toronto-area daycare center.

Dudley the Dragon


Cast Credits

Daniel DeSanto as Matt
Kirk Dunn as Dudley
Alex Galatis as Dudley (voice)
Daniel Goodfellow as Mickey
Natasha Greenblatt as Julia
Graham Greene as Mr. Crabby Tree
Sue Morrison as Mrs. Robin (voice)
James Rankin as Sammy/Mr. Robin (voice)
Asia Vieira as Sally
Robin Weekes as Terry
Anne-Marie Mcdonald as Fairy Godmother
Sir John Neville as Pumpkin King
Mary Walsh as WIllomena the witch /Princess
Cathy Jones as Ernestina the witch
Rick Mercer as The Great Mezmra the Fortuneteller
Martin Julien/Patricia McKenna as Troll
Sky Gilbert as Genie
Martin Julien as Caveman
Jesse Collins as Prince
Eric Peters as Leprechaun
Clark Johnson as Flammo the Magician
Jan Rubeš as King of All Living Things
Jackie Richardson as Face of Nature
Gary Farmer as The Tiny Giant

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