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Ventriloquists & Their Dummies

Chuck Campbell & Bob - Ventriloquist and dummy on the prime time situation comedy com SOAP/ABC/1977-81.

Bob the Dummy with Jay Johnson as Chuck Campbell - SOAP
Bob the Dummy & Chuck Campbell

Bob was the inseparable alter-ego of Chuck Campbell (Jay Johnson), a slightly schizophrenic man who used his dummy Bob to express off-color opinions towards his family. The wooden wise-mouth once said "I hate dogs, I used to be a tree."

Jay Johnson reprised his daffy characterization of a man with his dummy on the police drama BROKEN BADGES/CBS/1990 where he played a mentally off-centered police officer named Stanley who carried around a ventriloquist dummy in a suit case.

Bob the Dummy and Ventriloquist, Jay Johnson
Bob & Jay Johnson

TRIVIA NOTE: The term "ventriloquism" comes from the Latin words "venter" and "loquor" which mean "belly" and "to speak." The phrase "Hey, stop putting words into my mouth" was coined by Greek playwright, Aristophanes in his comedy of 422 B.C. entitled "Wasps." 

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