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Denver the Dinosaur - Hip, green dinosaur about the size of a bear who secretly lives with a group of teenagers on the animated cartoon DENVER, THE LAST DINOSAUR/SYN/1988-89.

Denver the Dinosaur

Denver's friends included Jeremy (the brainy one), Mario (he likes Bill & Ted films and brags a lot), Shades (the cool guy in the bunch), Wally (the bravest member of the gang), Casey (a tom boy who has a crush on Mario), Heather (Wally's sister) and Rocky (Wally's dog).

Denver's multi-racial friends first discovered Denver at La Brea Tar Pits and the George C. Page Museum while hiding from a bully named Nick and his troublemaking gang.

Coming upon a Paleozoic dinosaur egg in a large hole, the kids touched it and out hatched Denver the Last Dinosaur who had been petrified for 65 million years.

Now living in 20th Century California, Denver was introduced to skateboarding, rock n' roll and all the other marvels of modern life. Denver took his name from a passing bus that displayed a travel ad for the city of Denver, Colorado.

Denver first hid out in the Pool House at Wally's house, but then moved to the old school gym. Eventually, Denver traveled about town in full view of others, who just figured he was one of many other eccentric Californians who dressed in exotic costumes.

Denver and Friends
Denver and his teenage friends

As you can imagine a dinosaur would be quite popular, and the nefarious concert promoter Morton Fizzback (who had seen the egg hatch) wanted to cash in on Denver's uniqueness and so he kidnapped Denver and forced him to perform on stage at a 'one night only' Rock Concert.

Surprisingly, Denver loved playing the guitar and the crowd loved Denver, too. After the concert, Fizzback gave Denver to a scientist who put him in a cage to study. Denver escaped with the help of a little girl and her grandfather. Denver quickly found his way back to Hollywood just in time to rescue his friends from Nick and his gang.

Besides his magical personality, Denver has another trick up his sleeve. He and others can travel back through time to his prehistoric home, by touching pieces of the Tar Egg shell from which Denver hatched. Denver can also speak English and loves potato chips.

Recommended by the National Education Association, this non-violent World Events/Calico Productions taught lessons on conservation, ecology and friendship.  

Theme Song Lyrics

Denver, the last dinosaur
He's my friend and a whole lot more
Denver, the last dinosaur
Shows me a world I never saw before

Everywhere we go we don't really care
If people stop and stare at our pal dino.
Creating history thru the rock n' roll spotlight
We've got a friend who helps us, we can do alright

That's Denver, the last dinosaur
He's my friend and a whole lot more
Denver, the last dinosaur
Shows me a world I never saw before.


Voice Credits
Pat Fraley as Denver the Last Dinosaur
Jack Angel as Professor Chin
Adam Carl as Jeremy/Wally
Cam Clarke as Mario/Shades
Townsend Coleman as Morton Fizzback/Prof. Funt
Brian Cummings as Louden
Joey Dedio as Bertha
June Foray as Tress MacNeille
Rob Paulsen as Chet/Motley
Kath Soucie Casey/Heather
Diane Pershing
/Jan Rabson
/Fred Scott
/James Swodec
/B.J. Ward
/Frank Welker
as Additional Voices

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