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Dino Babies - Six young dinosaurs who shared stories and adventures on the animated educational series DINOBABIES/SYN/1994.

Dino Babies

Each of the 26 produced episodes found the Dinobabies acting out classic fairy tales like "Dak and the Beanstalk" and "Goldisocks & the Three Dino Bears" that taught moral lessons to its young viewers.

The chief storyteller in the group was Truman, an intelligent blue dinosaur with glasses and a tuft of orange hair. His companions were:

  • Stanley, a red-spotted green dinobaby
  • Franklin a nervous purple dinosaur
  • Marshall, Franklin's little brother in the powder-blue diaper
  • Dak, a dark blue pterodactyl
  • LaBrea, a headstrong purple female dinosaur with yellow hair who often challenged Truman's authority.

Released in 1994, by Fred Wolf Films of Dublin, Ireland and Shanghai Morning Sun of China, the 30-minute co-production aired internationally before being syndicated to the United States in 1996 on the Fox Family Channel.


Voice Credits

Kathleen Barr as Truman
Matt Hill as Stanley
Sam Kouth as Marshall
Andrea Libman as La Brea
Scott McNeil as Dak
Sarah Strange as Franklin

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