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Dino-Riders - Prehistoric warriors featured on the science fiction cartoon DINO-RIDERS/SYN/1988-89 (14 episodes).


The Dino-Riders are actually telepathic humanoids from the planet Valoria who were trapped in Earth's past (65,000,000 B.C.) after traveling through a time warp while fleeing their enemies, the Rulons - a cruel reptilian race who had conquered their planet.

Unfortunately, the Rulons flagship ("The Dreadlock") was also transported to Earth when they attached a tractor beam to the Valorians spacecraft just as it activated its S.T.E.P. crystal (Space-Time Energy Projection) - a device which the Rulons needed to return to their own time.

Now forced to live in a prehistoric past, both the Valorians and the Rulons continue their battle for supremacy and survival.

Rulons Install a Brain Box on a T-Rex
Rulons Install a Brain Box on a T-Rex

To supplement their arsenal of weapons, both the Valorians and Rulons harnessed the power and might of the local dinosaurs and equipped them with lasers, missiles and armor. The Valorians chose the herbivore species of dinosaurs and placed telepathic amulets (AMPs) about the animals neck to communicate with them. The Rulons, on the other hand, selected the carnivore dinosaur species (T-Rex) and strapped mind-control brain-boxes onto them to control their actions.

After the Valorians successfully defend themselves from the Rulons first attack in their new earthly home, we hear the words. "We have won a battle, but only a battle. The war goes on." That being said, Questar proclaims "A war that we will win. We're not Valorians anymore...we're Dino-Riders!"

Questar & his Valorian Warriors
Mind-Zei, Serena, Questar, Younstar & Llhad

The Valorian/Dino-Rider warriors included:

  • Questar, the leader of the Dino-Riders.

  • Mind-Zei, a wise, elderly, bearded blind warrior who is trained in the martial arts.

  • Serena, Mind-Zei's granddaughter who has the ability to heal men and animals and to sense when there is trouble.

  • Younstar, a free-spirited warrior who rides a Deinonychus.

  • Aero, another young buck who competes with Younstar  (Aero, flies through the air with the aid of a  Quetzalcoatlus)

  • Turret, a science technician who works behind the scenes and cares for the S.T.E.P. crystal.

  • Llahd, the youngest and most curious of the Dino-riders.

  • Gunnar, a kindhearted by stubborn veteran of many wars;

  • Tagg, a battle-hardened veteran who rides a Pachycephalosaurus.

  • Ikon,  Questar's top advisor and statistician.

  • Vector, another of Questar's advisors who uses a wrist-computer to calculate day-to-day construction projects.

  • Astra, the leader of the Valorian Commandos who once taught Questar at Valorian University.

  • Kameelian, a survival and disguise expert.

  • Bomba, an explosives expert and member of the Commandos special forces unit.

  • Glyde, another commando and reconnaissance and hang gliding expert.

  • Faze, a cool Commando skilled in artillery tactics.

  • Rok, a master hiker and mountain terrain survivalist.

  • Ayce & Neutrino, military tactics and equipment instructors. 

Supporting the Valorians were a number of local Neanderthals such as Zar, the leader of a peaceful group of Neanderthals who protects his people from a rival evil group of Neanderthals lead by Grom, a power-hungry, ruthless prehistoric warrior; Kub, a young warrior who supports the Dino-riders causes; and Maya, a Neanderthal female and healer.

Krulos and General Rasp
Krulos disciplines General Rasp

The Rulon roster of warriors included Krulos, their frog-like leader who keeps the Rulon troops in line using fear tactics; and Krulos' top generals, Rasp, Hammerhead and Antor. Rasp is the snake-like leader of the Viper Group and competitor of Hammerhead. Hammerhead is the fish-like leader of the Sharkmen. And Antor is an insect-like leader of the Antmen. Finally, there is Krok, Skate and Lokus, three low-ranking but loyal supporters of the Rulon team.

Dinoriders Battle

Dinorider Battle2

Dinoriders Battle3

Tyco Toys manufactured a line of toys based on the  Dino-Riders cartoon series.  Illustrations from box covers above.

Opening Narration:

"After years of peaceful existence on the distant planet Valoria, Questar and his people were forced into battle. The power of their S.T.E.P. crystal ripped a hole in the fabric of time, sending them back into prehistoric earth. Unaware that at the same moment, the evil emperor Krulos was plotting to capture the S.T.E.P. crystal with his own grotesque Rulon forces. And so, the battle continues in a new place and time with...DINO-RIDERS."

Younstar and Llhad
Younstar and Llhad on their Dino Mounts


Voice Credits

Dan Gilvezan as Questar
Frank Welker as Krulos/Glyde
Peter Cullen as Gunner/Antor/Bomba
Chris Latta as Rasp
Noelle North as Serena
Rob Paulsen as Faze/Kameelian
Charles Adler as Hammerhead

Shawn Donahue

as Llahd

Jack Angel
Cam Clarke
Townsend Coleman
Joe Colligan
Patrick Pinney
Ike Eisenmann


as Additional Voices

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