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T-Rex Brothers - By day, they're stand up comedian; by night, they're crime fighters. That's the premise of the 52-episode animated sci-fi fantasy THE ADVENTURES OF T-REX/SYN/1992 produced by Gunther-Wahl Productions.

The T-Rex Brothers

The cartoon follows the adventures of five dinosaur brothers (Bernie, Bruno, Bubba, Buck and Bugsy) who work in Rap City at the Plantation night club. The club is owned by Big Boss Graves a local hoodlum who controls a criminal empire called The Corporation and an army of hench-reptiles who do his bidding.

Profesor Edison
Professor Edison

When the T-Rex brothers are not entertaining crowds in Rep City, they are fighting evil as their crime fighting alter egos of "T-REX". Mentored by the eccentric Professor Edison, the T-Rex brother patrol the city in the Rex Mobile looking to thwart criminals. The T-Rex brothers also have a young sister named Ginger who sings at their club, she is unaware of her brothers crime fighting activities.

Whether wearing their civilian clothes or superhero costumes, the alliteratively named brothers can be identified by the color code that each of them wear.

Bugsy, the leader is purple; Bernie is blue; Buck is yellow; Bubba is green; and Bruno is pink. When the brothers speak, they sound like celebrities Jack Benny, Art Carney, Jimmy Carter, Peter Falk and Jimmy Durante.

Bubba T-Rex
-- Bubba in his T-REX costume

T-Rex Logo


Voice Credits

Kathleen Barr as Voices
Michael Beattie as Voices
Gary Chalk as Voices
Jennifer Chopping as Voices
Ian Corlett as Voices
Michael Dobson as Voices
Kevin Hayes as Voices
Phil Hayes as Voices
Janyce Jaud as Voices
Allesandro Juliani as Voices
Annabel Kershaw as Voices
Scott McNeil as Voices
Robert O. Smith as Voices
Venus Terzo as Voices

Dale Wilson

as Voices

The Adventures of T-Rex © Gunther-Wahl Productions

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