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 Restaurants, Bars, & Nightclubs at a Glance

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Business Location Type Program (N-R)
Natalie's Harlem, NY  Nightclub New York Undercover 
Nicole's  Vancouver, BC Lounge Night Heat 

House of Soul 

San Francisco, CA Jazz Joint Night Man 

The Brick

Cicely, AL      Food/Bar Northern Exposure  
The Bait Shop Orange County, CA Bar O.C.
Pier Diner Orange County, CA Diner O.C.
Sully's Tavern Knights Ridge, MA Tavern October Road

Goodie Goodie 

Marlowe, CA  Soda Shop Out Of This World  


San Francisco, CA Seafood/Bar Party of Five  
Tailwind Pensacola, FL Military Bar Pensacola: Wings of Gold
Kate's Bucket ("The Bucket" or "Kates") Pensacola, FL Military Bar Pensacola: Wings of Gold


Westwood, CA   Restaurant Pete & Gladys 


Kansas City, MO Speakeasy Pete Kelly's Blues  


Los Angeles, CA  Bar & Grill Perry Mason   
Mother's  Los Angeles, CA  Nightclub Peter Gunn 


Manhattan, NY Restaurant/Bar Pig Sty
Ernie's Juice Bar Angel Grove, CA Restaurant Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin)
O'Neill's Providence, RI Restaurant/Bar Providence

Danny's Place

Los Angeles, CA  Restaurant/Bar Quincy, M.E. 
The Setup Bar Chicago, IL   Bar Reasonable Doubts

Chez Nikki

Paris, France  Nightclub Rendezvous 

The Charleston Club 

Manhattan, NY   Speakeasy The Roaring Twenties


Manhattan, NY Bar The Roaring Twenties

The Pit

Manhattan, NY   Bar The Roaring Twenties 

Big Kahuna's  

Oahu, HI     Marina Bar Raven 

Robin's Nest 

Vancouver. BC  Nightclub Robin's Hood 

Charlene's Bar

Baltimore, MD Local Bar Roc  

Dump (Or Landfill) 

Baltimore, MD  Coffee Shop Roc 

Casa Tacos  

Malibu, CA    Beach Cafe Rockford Files  

Lanford Lunch Box

Lanford, IL Sandwich Shop Roseanne 
Lobo Lounge Lanford, IL Local Bar Roseanne
Crashdown Cafe Roswell, NM Cafe Roswell

Round Table

Georgetown, DC        Bar The Round Table 


London, UK Wine Bar Rumpole of the Bailey
Ryan's Hope Manhattan, NY  Irish Tavern Ryan's Hope 

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