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 Restaurants, Bars, & Nightclubs at a Glance

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Business Location Type Program (S-Z)
Hilda's Coffee House Westbridge, MA Coffee Shop Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Carmen's  Mexican Border Cafe Santo Bugito 
Taco Town TV Commercial Fast Food Saturday Night Live
The Max Bayside, CA Burger Joint Saved By the Bell
Sacred Heart Hospital Cafeteria Sacred Heart Hospital Hospital Cafeteria Scrubs


New York City, NY Restaurant/Bar Secret Lives of Men 

Monk's  Cafe 

Manhattan, NY    Coffee Shop Seinfeld   


Los Angeles, CA  Supper Club 77 Sunset Strip   
Moe's Tavern   Springfield, USA Bar   The Simpsons
Krusty Burger Springfield, USA Burger Joint The Simpsons
Flying Dutchman Springfield, USA Restaurant The Simpsons


(not given)  Bar The Sinbad Show
The Bagel  Manhattan, NY Cafe & Bakery   The Single Guy    
The Talon Smallville, KS Restaurant Smallville
Bada Bing! New Jersey Mob Nightclub Sopranos
Vesuvio's Restaurant New Jersey Mob Hangout Sopranos
The Landmark Tavern   Manhattan, NY Restaurant/Bar Spin City                  

The Krusty Krab 

Ocean Floor Sea Food Restaurant - Home of the Krusty Burger SpongeBob
The Chum Bucket Ocean Floor Sea Food Restaurant SpongeBob

Quark's Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Hol0suite

Space Station Bar Lounge & Gambling Casino Star Trek: DS9 

Ten Forward Lounge  

Starship  R&R Bar Star Trek: Next Generation


Vancouver, BC Bar Street Justice

Cafe Jacques

Ponca City, OK     Restaurant Sugar & Spice   

Tail O' The Pup

Los Angeles, CA   Fast Food Sunset Beat                  
Harvelle's Roadhouse   Roadhouse Supernatural

The Blue Collar 

Los Angeles, CA        Bar Sydney  
Cafe Maison            Los Angeles, CA  Coffeehouse Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills

[later renamed "Jim's Mario's"] 

New York City Bar Taxi   
The Hub  Place Point, WI   Cafe   That '70s Show   
Piranha Club  San Diego, CA Nightclub That '80s Show    

Cucina DeLucca's

New Jersey Restaurant That's Life       
The Chill Grill San Francisco, CA Restaurant That's So Raven

Casa Del Gato

San Francisco, CA      Restaurant T.H.E. Cat         
The Scuttlebutt  Florida    Beach Bar   Thunder In Paradise  

The Regal Beagle 

Santa Monica, CA  British Pub Three's Company   
Jack's Bistro Santa Monica, CA Restaurant Three's a Crowd
Ruby Red Cafe Milford, VT Cafe Three Moons Over Milford


Manhattan, NY  Coffeehouse Tribeca  
Double_R Diner Twin Peaks (near Canadian Border) Diner Twin Peaks
Beacon Street Pizza Boston, MA Pizza Joint Two Guys, a Girl and A Pizza Place


Montreal, Quebec Bar/Restaurant Urban Angel  
Java the Hut Neptune, CA Coffeehouse Veronica Mars


Dallas, TX   Saloon/Eatery Walker, Texas Ranger   

Greenwich Village Inn

New York City, NY  Inn Washington Square      

Pop's Joint

Manhattan, NY Diner Wayans Bros.

Rob's Diner

Los Angeles, CA   Diner What's Happening!!    

Rob's Diner

Los Angeles, CA   Diner What's Happening Now!!    

Spitter's Sports Bar 

Milwaukee, WI  Sports Bar A Whole New Ballgame      

The Hanger 

Chicago, IL  Singles Club Wild Oats  
Tom's Never's Airport Lunch Counter (run by Helen Chappel) Nantucket Island, MA Lunch Counter Wings

The Pizza Barn 

Anytown, USA     Pizza Joint The Wonder Years        

The Mulberry 

 London, UK   Pub World's End   
Barth's Burger Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Burger Joint You Can't Do That on Television
Café Ñ  Manhattan, NY Coffeehouse Zoe, Duncan, Jack
& Jane

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