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Frankenstein, Jr. - Huge flying robot on the Saturday morning animated cartoon FRANKENSTEIN JR. AND THE IMPOSSIBLES/CBS/1966-68.

Frankenstein Jr. Title Card

Resembling the classic film monster, Frankenstein, Jr. (voice of Ted Cassidy) was a thirty-foot robot created by Dr. Conroy (voice of John Stephenson) and controlled by his son, Buzz (voice of Dick Beals) who wore a special radar ring. The password "Allakazoom" activated the mighty robot.

Buzz Conroy and Frankenstein, Jr. Buzz's Radar Ring
Buzz Conroy and Frankenstein, Jr. Buzz's Radar Ring

Also on the program were The Impossibles, a group of rock 'n roll super teenage detectives who solved crimes and helped others in distress.

The Impossibles were Coil Man (voice of Hal Smith), Fluid Man (voice of Paul Frees) and Multi-Man (voice of Don Messick). The superheroes receive assignments from "Big D" by ways of a receiver in the base of Coil-Man's guitar.

The Impossibles Teen Superheroes

Portions of the original Frankenstein, Jr. series were later rebroadcast as part of a midseason replacement series called SPACE GHOST/FRANKENSTEIN JR. SHOW/NBC/1976-77.

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