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Mighty Orbots - A team of six artificially intelligent robots featured on the sci-fi cartoon THE MIGHTY ORBOTS/SYN/1984. The series was narrated by Gary Owens (of LAUGH-IN fame).

Rob Simmons and his robot creations - Bo, Boo, Bort, Tor, Crunch and Ohno - THE MIGHT ORBOTS

Set in the 23rd century, the series follows the adventures of Robert Simmons (voice of Barry Gordon), a Galactic Patrol scientist who created six robots to defend the earth. They included:

  • Bo (voice of Sherry Alberoni)
  • Boo (voice of Julie Bennett)
  • Bort (voice of Jim MacGeorge)
  • Tor (voice of Bill Martin)
  • Crunch (voice of Don Messick)
  • Ohno (voice of Noelle North)

When trouble strikes, each of the robots trow in size and join together to form one powerful super robot: Tor (torso) Bort (leg), Crunch (leg), Bo (left Arm), Boo (firght Arm), and Ohno (who pilots the Beam Car with Rob Simmons (in the  guise The Orbots Commander) that enters Mighty Orbots chest and coordinates his controls.)

"Hi, this is Rob Simmons, leader of the Mighty Orbots...join us in some hot action, as we take on the evil forces of Umbra."

The Mighty Orbot

The Orbots join together to form a Mighty Orbot

The Galactic Patrol is commanded by Rondu. His is assisted by Dia, his beautiful daughter and expert pilot/fighter who is in charge of earth's defenses.

The Mighty Orbots regularly battle the sinister forces of Shadow and their cyborg leader Umbra (voiced by Bill Martin), a  five-eyed monster living within the Shadow Star. His henchmen included such Shadow agents as:

  • Plasmus, a shape-shifter
  • Mentalis, a moind-controller
  • Doctor Phoenix,- a cyborg scientist with an metallic brain
  • Ringmaster, a circus master
  • Dragos & Drax, robotic brainwashers
Bort: Maybe you should reprogram me so I don't change shape anymore, Rob.
Robert Simmons: Oh, don't be silly, Bort. I built you to be versatile. We never know what kind of machine we might need out there.

The Mighty Orbots Logo

Opening Narration

"Earth. The 23rd Century.  A time of robots and aliens
and of destruction and terror. Can the Galactic Patrol, defender of the United Planets, stop the evil computer Umbra? You bet they can. Meet Rob Simmons, the secret inventor of feisty Ohno, Mighty Tor, Versatile Bort, illusive Boo, Bo, the master of the elements and Crunch, the metal muncher. Super robots forging together at Rob's command to form Mighty Orbots, champion of the universe."

Theme Song Lyrics
(Composed by Tom Chase and Steve Rucker)

Go...Mighty Orbots!
They're joining together to fight for what's right every-where
Mighty Orbots!
Protecting the world from the shadow of evil and doom...Orbots!
Champions of justice and truth...


Go, Mighty Orbots
Mechanical heroes fighting for me and for you...

Mighty Orbots Mattel Toy

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Orbots Combined Toy by Mattel Orbots individual toys

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