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Eve Edison - The science fiction police series MANN & MACHINE/NBC/1992 featured the exploits of Eve Edison, a beautiful female android police detective with fantastic abilities

David Andrews as Detective Bobby Mann and Yancy Butler as Android Detective Eve Edison - MANN & MACHINE
Officers Bobby Mann and Eve Edison

Sgt. Eve Edison (Yancy Butler) worked for the Los Angeles police department in the near future of the 21st century. Her human partner, homicide detective Bobby Mann (David Andrews) monitored Eve, the department's latest gizmo in the war against crime.

Eve was hard-wired with a neural net that allowed her to learn from experience She began with the emotional maturity index of a seven-year-old. Eve's brain downloads her experiences directly into a computer (the Advanced A.I. Work Station Computer).

Her additional gadgetry included artificial sweat glands, four-inch plugs in her ear canal (special adapters to access computers), laser beam equipped eyeballs (that were removable), and the ability to speak 40 languages.

Detective Mann once said to Eve "You're the brains, I'm the muscle. To which she replied "I'm the brains and the muscle."

Android police officer Eve Edison - MANN & MACHINE

Excerpt for Pilot Episode "Prototype"

Mann: How 'bout a new partner. One that doesn't need a lube job every six months.
Captain: I'm here to make you happy.
Mann: You want to make me happy? Find me somebody who doesn't tell jokes, sing songs or try to psychoanalyze me.
Captain: How 'bout height, weight, hair color?
Mann: I'm wide open
Captain: We've got a transfer in from the Bay area.
Mann: Come on, you think for once you can get me somebody who's got both feet on the ground. Hey, He can be from the moon as long as he got a temperature of 98.6
Captain: That I can deliver.
Mann: [Eve Edison enters] Her?
Captain: Oh maybe you don't want to work with a woman, neither. Detective Bobby Mann. Sergeant Eve Edison, your new partner. Eve had the highest score in the history of the department's Sergeant exam.
Eve: I'm a retrieval expert
Mann: Terrific, What's that?
Captain: Information specialist. There isn't a mainframe in this country Eve can't access
Eve: I'm looking forward to learning undercover techniques
Mann: You don't have any street experience?
Eve: Only on simulators
Captain: I think you'll find Eve to be an extremely  quick study.

MANN & MACHINE police series

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