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GoBots - Race of robots from the high-tech planet GoBotron on the sci-fi animated series CHALLENGE OF THE GOBOTS/SYN/1984-85.

Challenge of the GoBots - Logo

Landing on Earth, a renegade band of evil robots from GoBotron try to enslave mankind but their conquest of the planet is thwarted by a band of good robots from GoBotron called the Guardian Robots.

Their major defensive capabilities enable their metallic bodies to transform into various vehicles (tanks, trucks, cars) used to defeat the bad bots.


The Guardian robots who could fly, send out energy blasts, and project a force fields consists of:

  • Leader 1 (voice of Lou Richards)
  • Turbo (voice of Arthur Burghardt)
  • Scooter (voice of Frank Welker)
  • Smallfoot (voice of B.J. Ward)

Other trusted soldier in the ranks of the Guardian robots included:  Ace, Blaster, Bolt, Dive-Dive, Flip Top, Hanss-Cuff , Heat Seeker, Major-Mo, Mr. Moto, Night Ranger, Pathfinder, Rest-Q,    Road Ranger, Sparky, Treds, Van Guard, and Zeemon.


Their chief robotic nemesis is Cy-Kill (Bernard Erhard) who commands a band of iron-clad evildoers called the Renegades. His chief henchmen are Crasher and Cop-Tur. The Renegades are aided by former NASA scientist Dr. Braxis.

Additional Renegades included the likes of: Buggyman, Bugsy, Creepy, Destroyer, Dr. Go, Fitor, Fly Trap, Geeper-Creeper, Hornet, Loco, Pincher, Scales, Screw Head, Scorp, Slicks, Snoop, Stallion, Stinger, Tank, Tux (Stretch), Vamp,  Zero and Zod.    

This half-hour Hanna-Barbera cartoon was based on a popular Tonka Toys character of the same name.


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