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Goldar - Fifty-foot golden robot on the Japanese live-action 52 episode series SPACE GIANTS/SYN/1969.

Goldar wrestles with a prehistoric monster sent by Rodak - THE SPACE GIANT
Goldar battles a huge monster sent by Rodak

The giant space robot, Goldar, Silvar, his silver human-sized wife and Gam, their son were constructed by a benevolent wizard named Mathusan to protect Earth from Rodak, the evil dictator and scientist. 

Goldar and family operate from a hidden lair in Mount Olympia. The entire robot family could change into rocket powered crafts to travel about the globe. Their antennas zapped enemies with massive bursts of gamma rays. Goldar shot missiles from his chest.

When Goldar rescues a young boy named Miko Mura from one of Rodak's monsters, he gives the boy a high-frequency rocket-shaped whistle that could be used to summon the robots when he needed help.

Miko: I never saw a such a fantastically huge robot in my life.
Methusan: He is not only a robot but a rocket, a rocket that is alive.
Goldar: May I ask a favor Methusan. I have grown to like Miko very much.
Methusan: Well.
Goldar: Would you grant me the wish of bringing me a son like Miko to this mountain?
Methusan: Alright, I will grant both of you one.
Narrator: From the fiery heart of Mt Olympian comes a living rocket boy.
Methusan: Silvar, this is your son.
Silvar: A son, he's just what we always wanted.
Methusan: Now you have a family just like any other on earth.
Miko: He looks like me.
Gam: My name is Gam.
Goldar: Miko, I want you to take this whistle. Use it to call us whenever there is any trouble. Now you must pay very close attention to these instructions. Blow it once if you want Gam; blow it twice if you want Silvar; blow it three times if you want me.  Do you understand? Three times for me. Twice for Silvar. Once for Gam.
Methusan: Goldar return this young lad to his house [to his mother Tomoko, and his journalist father Ito Mura].
Gam: Let me do it, sir. Could I?  Please let me.
Methusan: Well alright, take Miko home Gam.
Gam: You point the way, Ok? [Gam changes into a silver rocket plane with blue wings. Miko sits in the cockpit for the ride home].

Rodak and Goldar - THE SPACE GIANTS
Rodak confronts Goldar

Rodak operated from a bat-shaped space craft. From his hovering headquarters, Rodak directed prehistoric monsters to attack the earth.

Aiding Rodak in the conquest of earth was a group of henchmen known as the Lugo Men. They dissolved into a green slime when defeated.

Opening Narration

"From the far reaches of outer space come a threat to planet earth. Mankind faces its most powerful enemy - the mastermind Rodak..THE SPACE GIANTS. Goldar, a fifty foot robot and his electronic space family are created to defend our world."

Goldar, Silvar, Gam and Mathusan - SPACE GIANTS
Goldar, Silvar, Gam and wizard Mathusan

The original series aired July 4, 1966 to September 25, 1967 under the title Ambassador Magma (Maguma Taishi).  Retitled THE SPACE GIANTS,  the Tokusatsu Japanese superhero television show aired worldwide in 1972. The English-dubbed versions in 1978. See also "Johnny Sokko"

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