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Robotech - Produced by Harmony Gold/Tatsunoko Production, the 85 episode half-hour animated series ROBOTECH/SYN/1985-86 featured the adventures of a group of humans and androids who trained at the outer space school known as Robotech (Robotech Defense Force).

Robotech Cartoon Series

Their mission: to defend Earth from invading aliens hovering over the planet in huge spacecraft filled with giant soldiers. Lead by Captain Gloval, the Robotech troops included Risa, Lisa, and Minmei.

The inhabitants of earth defended their world with weapons derived from an alien spaceship which yielded Robotechnology (mecha) to create fighter jets that transform into giant robots.

The series begins as earth is invaded, then follows survivors to the stars in search of the giant soldiers' makers, the Robotech Masters, and the finale follow the inhabitants of earth returning to their planet to find it conquered by an alien species and their fight to reclaim their home world.

Created by Carl Macek,, the series is a compilation of three unrelated Japanese television series, including Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada.

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