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K-9 the Robot Dog - Talking mechanical dog featured on the British sci-fi series DOCTOR WHO/BBC/1963-90. There have been four versions of the K-9, including the Mark I through Mark IV models.

K-9 the Robot Dog - DOCTOR WHO

The original K-0 (Mark I model) was created by Dr. Marius, K-9. It was given to Timelord Doctor Who as a reward for stopping the spread of a dread disease on the 1977-78 episode "The Invisible Enemy" (actually due to weight restrictions the Professor could not take K-9 with him to Earth so he gave it to the Doctor and his companion Leela).

Traveling with the Doctor in the time machine known as the TARDIS, K-9 exhibited a variety of special skills, including

  • talking (voice John Leeson and David Brierley)
  • moving about via treads/wheels
  • protecting itself and others with a laser beam ray built into its mussel
  • and last, but not least, wagging its metallic tail

K-9's small box-shaped body also had a storage cavity located in its chest that contained such items as a sonic lipstick and a watch to scan for alien life. A cloth collar of Scottish plaid design encircled K-9's silver-colored neck/midsection.

The spin-off series K-9 AND COMPANY/SYN/1985 starred Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, a former companion of Doctor Who who used K-9 (a gift from the Doctor) to solve crimes. When the Mark III was destroyed (it sacrificed itself to save others), the Doctor built a new and improved version Mark IV at the end of episode "School Reunion" that later appeared in the 2007 spin-off series THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES.

An additional 2008 British/Australian 26-part comedy/adventure series entitled K-9: THE SERIES featured the adventures of the robot dog K-9. The program is a mixture of computer animation and live action. See also - ALIENS: "Doctor Who"

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