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The Angry Beavers - Two beaver brothers featured on the cartoon series THE ANGRY BEAVERS/NIK/1997-2001

The Angry Beavers - Daggett and Norbert - Nicktoons

Created by Mitch Schauer for Nicktoons, the series followed the misadventures of two zany beaver brothers, Norbert and Daggett (a.k.a. "The Mighty Knot-head") who were forced to leave the comfortable confines of their watery home because their mother gave birth to two more baby beavers.

Now on their own, Norb and Dag build a swinging bachelor pad (stocked with a life-time supply of Jalapenos and Yahoo) along side a two-story dam located somewhere near the wilderness towns of Pawhuska, Burbank, and Fairfax.

Daggett: I can't believe it, Norbert.
Norbert: Whassat, Daggett?
Daggett: Our own parents kicked us out.
Norbert: They didn't kick us out. We were the first litter and Mom had a second litter. It's the beaver way.
Daggett: But, Norb. Where will we go? How will we survive?
Norbert: We'll be all right. You've got your Beaver Survival Kit, right?
Daggett: No.
Norbert: Oh, that's not good.
[Dag starts whimpering]
Norbert: I'm just kidding. We'll be all right. Come on. BIG HUG!

"A brilliant plan! Now all I need is Voltar, the 100 foot robot!...SPOOT! What was I thinking!?!" -- Daggett

Of the two brothers, Norbert is the laid-back one with the pigeon toes, while Daggett is the more volatile one with spiked fur. The love of Norbert's life is a beautiful beaver called Treeflower (voice of Cynthia Mann).

Richard Horvitz provided Dag's unique voice and Nick Bakay did Norb's voice (as well as the sarcastic voice of Salem the Cat on the ABC sitcom SABRINA).

THE ANGRY BEAVERS premiered on April 19th, 1997 after the 10th annual Kids' Choice Awards on the Nickelodeon Channel.

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