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Anatole the Mouse - Tiny gray mouse who lives in Paris, France on the Saturday morning cartoon series ANATOLE/CBS/1998-99.

Anatole the Mouse

Anatole is a night watchman and chief cheese tester at a cheese factory in Paris. He wears a beret on his head and red kerchief around his neck.

When not scurrying along the alley ways avoiding cats, rats and the feet of humans ("Mon fromage!"), Anatole lives contentedly with his doting wife, Doucette and his family of six little mice children: Paul and Paulette, the eldest siblings; Claude and Claudette, the bespectacled artists of the family and George and Georgette, the five year olds.

Other characters on the series include:

  • M’Sieu Duval, Anatole's human boss at the cheese factory. Anatole is Duval's chief cheese tester.
  • Madam Duval, his wife
  • Charlemagne, a black cat owned by Madam Duval
  • Francois de Pamplemousse,  the richest mouse in town and Anatole’s nemesis
  • Gaston, Anatole’s best friend and sidekick
  • Pierre, a pigeon with a fear of flying who carries Anatole about Paris when the occasion arises.

The Anatole character is based on the Caldecott Award-winning book series written by Eve Titus (1922 - 2002). The series was produced by Nelvana Limted.

The "Anatole" book series include the titles:

  • Anatole (1956)
  • Anatole and the Cat (1957)
  • Anatole and the Robot (1960)
  • Anatole in Italy (1961)
  • Anatole Over Paris (1961)
  • Anatole and the Poodle (1965)
  • Anatole and the Piano (1966)
  • Anatole and the Thirty Thieves (1969)
  • Anatole and the Toy Shop (1970)
  • Anatole and the Pied Piper (1979)

TRIVIA NOTE: Eve Titus is also the author of another rodent character called Basil of Baker Street, a Victorian age mouse private detective who solves crime in the style of Sherlock Holmes.

Some titles include: Basil of Baker Street (1958), Basil in the Wild West (1962), Basila and the Lost Coloney (1964), Basil and the Pygmy Cats (1971), and Basil in Mexico (1976).

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