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Pinky & the Brain - The Warner Brothers cartoon STEVEN SPIELBERG PRESENTS PINKY AND THE BRAIN/WB/1995-98 featured the antics of Pinky and the Brain, two white lab mice who lived at ACME Labs.

Pinky and the Brain

Of the two, Pinky was the brawn (and quite insane) and the Brain, of course, with his oversized head, was the intelligence in the partnership. Together, Pinky & the Brain unsuccessfully advanced schemes for World Domination.

In fact, the whole series can be summarized with their trademark catchphrase when Pinky asks "What are we going to do tonight?" and Brain answers, "The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world."

He also commented "Worshipping me...the world will be a better place." Whenever possible, Brain insulted Pinky with such brutal barbs as "Your brain is not a fountain of knowledge, it's a dribble glass of stupidity" and "Your cerebral spinal fluid is running a few quarts low."

The Pinky & Brain characters originally appeared on STEVEN SPIELBERG PRESENTS ANIMANIACS/FOX/1993-95/WB/1995-98.

Steven Spielberg Presents - PINKY & THE BRAIN

TRIVIA NOTE: According to "The Official Cultural Reference Guide for the Animated Series: Pinky and the Brain," edited and compiled by Brian Norman (Version 1.0 Release date October-6-1997) the Brain's voice and mannerisms were supposed to be a parody of Orson Welles.

It further stated "a radio interview with Maurice LaMarche (the voice of Pinky) said: that when he saw the early model sheets of the Brain, he immediately thought of Orson Welles, and did a straight Welles imitation for the voice.

It was decided later that that voice was a little too flat, so Moe added a touch of Vincent Price and a dab of Peter Lorre to come up with the voice we hear now."

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