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Alien Sex
Centauri Sex - - On the sci-fi series BABYLON 5/SYN/1994-98, the Centauri race, though humanoid in appearance, possessed quite a different sexual package below the waist.

Ambassador Molari with two Centaurian females - BABYLON 5
Ambassador Molari with Two Centaurian females

Male Centauri have six "tentesticles" which extend from the sides of the body and fold in over the solar plexus when not in use.

Their female counterparts have six orifices on the base of their spine (three on either side) just above the hips.

Their levels of sexual pleasure are heightened by the number of tentesticles used. It can take hours of manipulation to obtain ultimate ecstasy.

As if to advertise, their well-endowed sexual organs, all the male dolls sold on Centauri are anatomically correct.

Because the Centauri sexual organs are positioned over a larger area in the front of their bodies, they have developed an unarmed fighting style called "Tronno" that concentrates on kicking moves to protect their exposed upper regions where the male genitals rest.

The rival race of Narns, a reptilian biped species, use the Vopa Ka'Chur, a sexual manual akin to the Earth's Kama Sutra to help improve their sexual relationships.

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