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Jimmy Swaggart - Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart who led a double life as a preacher and sinner.

A repentant Swaggart?

In 1988 TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, the host of THE JIMMY SWAGGART TELECAST admitted consorting with a prostitute. To make amends he faced his congregation and said "I have sinned against You, My Lord, and I would ask that Your precious blood would wash and cleanse every stain until it is in the seas of God's forgiveness."

"I turn on my television set. I see a young lady who goes under the guise of being a Christian, known all over the nation, dressed in skin-tight leather pants, shaking and wiggling her hips to the beat and rhythm of the music as the strobe lights beat their patterns across the stage and the band plays the contemporary rock sound which cannot be differentiated from songs by the Grateful Dead, the Beatles, or anyone else. And you may try to tell me this is of God and that it is leading people to Christ, but I know better." -- Jimmy Swaggart prior to his indiscretion

In 1991, Jimmy Swaggart was caught in a motel in Indio, California watching porno films with a prostitute. Earlier, in 1987, Reverend Jim Bakker of the PTL CLUB, was accused of having an affair with church secretary Jessica Hahn.

Phil Hartman Mocking Jimmy Swaggart

Phil Hartman mocking
Jimmy Swaggart on a
"Church Lady" segment
of Saturday Night Live

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