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Nicknames & Word Play
The Girls - Over the years, various TV characters and personalities have referred to their "breastal" region by using a number of different nicknames. Here is a list of some of those occurrences:

Tyra Banks feels up guest Katharine McPhee to see if her breasts are real - THE TYRA BANKS SHOW
Tyra Banks touches Katherine McPhee's Breasts

  • Chicago magazine writer Hannah Miller (Jamie Lee Curtis) from the sitcom ANYTHING BUT LOVE/ABC/1989-92 was especially proud of her breasts. She nicknamed them "The Girls." [as did Sally Solomon (Kristen Johnson) on the sitcom THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN/NBC/1996-2001].
  • Annie O'Donnell (Nancy McKeon) on the sitcom CAN'T HURRY LOVE called her breasts "Thelma & Louise."
  • On the July 18, 1997 segment of the daytime talk show OPRAH called "Letters to Oprah" Oprah Winfrey read fan reactions to her comments about her desire to have her breasts lifted. She summarized their concerns with "Some encourage a lift...others say to leave 'The Girls' alone."
  • On the sitcom MAD ABOUT YOU/NBC/1992-99 Jamie Buchman (Helen Hunt) who was obsessed with making people like her, went over board to impress a boy in high school and was known as "The Stemple sister who showed a boy her boobs to be liked."
  • Louis De Palma (Danny DeVito), the lecherous taxi dispatcher on the sitcom TAXI/ABC/NBC/1978-83 referred to Elaine Nardo's breasts as "Headlights."
  • On the sitcom WHO'S THE BOSS/ABC/1984-92 Mona Robinson (Katherine Helmond), was called "all boobs and no brains" by her mother when she was younger. Mona's daughter Angela Bower (Judith Light), a successful ad executive, was just the opposite "all brains and no boobs."
  • On June 19, 1997 Jay Leno of THE TONIGHT SHOW commented on Glamour magazine's revelation that many more women than it was thought actually named their breasts. He followed by complaining "Oh great! It's hard enough remembering one name, now when we wake up in the morning we have to remember three.
  • On the sitcom DHARMA & GREG/ABC/1997-2002 Jenna Elfman as Dharma Finkelstein revealed that her husband Greg Montgomery (Thomas Gibson) nicknamed her breasts Eric and Lyle "because they're a couple of killers."

TRIVIA NOTE: On the sitcom SEINFELD/NBC/1990-98 the term "My Boys" was the nickname for George Costanza's sperm as in "My boys can swim"; and the nickname for the genitals of both standup comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his next-door neighbor Kramer (Michael Richards). See also "Yada, Yada, Yada"

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