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Squiggly - The term "Squiggly" or "Squiggled" was used to describe the orgasmic massage given by George Putnick, a resident of Rome, Wisconsin on the drama PICKET FENCES/CBS/1992-96.

The citizens of Rome, Wisconsin

The Squiggly was very popular with the ladies in Rome. In fact, the women went to great lengths to keep George's delicate fingering style a secret so that their husbands and lovers never learned about town masseur's ability to bring them to heights of ecstasy.

George's clients included the wife of Michael Oslo, the headmaster; the wife of Ed Lawson, the mayor; Jill Brock, the wife of the sheriff, and even the sheriff's teenage daughter, Kimberly Brock. 

Michelle Pfeiffer appeared in a brief cameo as one of George Putnick's clients during the third season (Episode No.11 "Freezer Burn") on January 6th, 1995.

Poor George had disappeared under strange circumstances and ultimately was found dead in his freezer by police officers Maxine "Max" Stewart and Kenny Lacos.

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