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Nudity on Television - 1960s
  • Sally Field, the star of the 1960s teenage comedy GIDGET/ABC/1965-66, revealed in a 1973 interview with TV Guide magazine "The big issue was my bellybutton. I could never show it. Gidget's bathing suit always had to cover her bellybutton. despite the fact that all the other girls bounced around in skimpy bikinis."

  • Jeannie the GenieBarbara Eden, the star of the fantasy comedy I DREAM OF JEANNIE/NBC/1965-70 played the part of a magical genie who lived with an astronaut in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The censors thought that her harem costume exposed a little to much of her stomach. Feeling her belly button was inappropriate for television, they filled it in with a flesh-colored putty plug. However, Barbara Eden got the last word on the subject when she showed her navel in all its glory on the NBC TV-Movie update I DREAM OF JEANNIE: 15 YEARS LATER (10/20/85). 

  • Petticoat JunctionAt the beginning credits of each episode of the rural situation comedy PETTICOAT JUNCTION/CBS/1963-70, three beautiful country girls (The Bradley's) are seen briefly as they stave off the heat of summer in the railroad station water tower. Of course, this "suggested" nudity, is nothing more than their bare shoulders and necklines as they peer out over the water tower rim to the viewing audience. Although tame for its time, this quick glance at the Bradley girls was enough for some pubescent chaps to sing loudly the phrase "Viva La Difference!"  The glamorous Lisa Douglas (from Green Acres) lives nearby the Bradleys in the town of Hooterville. Click here for a candid shot of Lisa coming out of the shower.

  • Mariette Hartley as Lyra-a, the bearer of two belly buttonsActress Mariette Hartley was not allowed to show her belly button on Gene Roddenberry's STAR TREK [episode #78 "All Our Yesterdays" in 1969] but later Roddenberry got even when he gave Hartley "two" belly buttons in the sci-fi movie Genesis II (1973).

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