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Nudity on Television - 1970s
  • Klinger NudeDuring the 1972-73 season episode "Chief Surgeon Who?" (10/08/1972) of the military sitcom M*A*S*H Corporal Klinger (his first appearance of the series) attempts to be declared "nuts" and sent home by walking guard duty in the nude (the viewers only see his upper torso exposed and have to imagine the rest.). During a later episode "The Sniper" (11/17/1973) Private Radar O'Reilly was seen totally naked for a split second when he dropped his towel and ran back to the safety of the showers when a lone enemy sniper opened fired on the 4077th medical surgical hospital.

  • Valerie Perrine Showing the Boys Her StuffValerie Perrine became the first woman to display (on purpose) her nipple's on American network television during the May 4, 1973 broadcast of Bruce Jay Friedman's play "Steambath" shown on Hollywood Television Theater (PBS). The story offered an unusual portrayal of the afterlife with God presented as a Puerto Rican steambath attendant. Bill  Bixby played a man who refused to admit that he had died. Valerie Perrine was seen taking a shower from all sides. Only a few PBS stations were adventurous enough to carry the program.

  • During the 1974 telecast of the Academy Awards, while David Niven was on stage presenting an Oscar®, a man named Robert Opal streaked naked across the stage. Niven's quickly noted "Isn't it too bad that the only laugh that man will ever get is by stripping off his shorts and showing his shortcomings?"

  • Jane Curtin of NBC'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE ripped open her blouse on nationwide television and displayed her bra in retaliation to the reference that Chevy Chase, the previous host of "Weekend Update" was sexy and that she could not hold a candle to him. As she tore open her blouse she cried "Try these on for size, Connie Chung!" The letter which provoked the outburst was written by a Marjie Kaufman. In 1978 comedian Dan Aykroyd revealed his butt crack during a refrigerator-repair skit.

  • On the PRICE IS  RIGHT Johnny Olsen announced "Come on Down to the next contestant in the studio audience. As she ran down to the stage her blouse snapped open and out plopped her breasts. The show was aired with a small black strip covering her private parts.

  • Beverly D'Angelo's love scene with Harvey Jason in the NBC miniseries CAPTAINS AND THE KINGS (1976-77) was shot at the nipple line. However, some newer television sets because their variance was greater, showed her breasts.

  •  While undercover at a prison farm Farrah Fawcett in her role as female detective Jill Monroe exposed part of her right breast and nipple when she bent over during the October 20, 1976 episode "Angels in Chains" on the detective drama CHARLIE'S ANGELS/ABC/1976-81.

  • During the January 1977 broadcast of the landmark miniseries ROOTS, a number of bare-breasted black African women were seen, nipples and all. This was done to add dramatic verity/reality to the program. 

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